Israel-Hamas hostage deal close, but not finalized after mediation in Qatar


Even as hostilities continue on the ground there are negotiations between the two sides in this conflict though not face Toof face talks between Hamas and Israel are taking place in Cotter through mediators qari officials the US and at times Egypt have been involved according to the Qatari prime

Minister a deal for the release of some hostages may be imminent the sticking points honestly uh uh at this stage are more uh practical logistical the foundation of the tentative agreement that would at least temporarily stop the fighting seems to be settled according to reports it’s a six-page document some of the finer

Details are still being ironed out but the basics are that Hamas would release 50 hostages women and children being held in Gaza in return both sides would pause fighting for 5 days and Israel would allow more humanitarian Aid in the Israeli ambassador to the US Sunday morning on ABC said he’s hopeful

Don’t want to go into the details of these talks they are obviously very sensitive the less we go into the details they better the chances of such a deal but they are very serious efforts the Israeli Prime Minister said as recently as Saturday that right now

There is no deal and that his government won’t Buckle under International pressure calling for a ceasefire but he is also under pressure from here at home there have been several rallies this weekend pushing Benjamin Netanyahu to free the hostages bring them home now now it appears the two sides have

Been close to a deal at a few points over the last month but each time something got in the way there are a lot of things to figure out such as how the hostages would be handed over and the assurances Hamas Fighters transporting them would be allowed to leave safely

Whatever happens Benjamin Netanyahu says a pause would be temporary Israeli troops as soon as it expired would go right back to rooting out Hamas Fighters

Though hostilities between the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas continue in Israel and Gaza, talks between the two sides are reportedly taking place in Qatar — through mediators.

As Global’s Mike Armstrong reports, Qatari officials, the U.S., and even Egypt, have been involved in the potential trade talks.

According to the Qatari prime minister, a deal for the release of several hostages could be made imminently. The tentative agreement, however, has not yet been finalized.

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  1. Its just nerve wrecking how U.S funds both, israel and hammas both….same time woth weapons to fight one another and comes out clean…..?…then after so many deaths of civilians goes around in the arab nations pretending to "close off deals"……..over human lives….thousands…more than 15000 human lives………….politics at its peak!!! Well theyre good at what thry do best ?

    Every soul knows whats right and what's wrong!!

    All Mighty God sees all, hears all, knows all!!

  2. Do not blame Corona, earthquakes, or hurricanes, but blame humanity that has disappeared
    Goodness exists, but those on earth do not care about it, as the earth will swallow it again
    People have not learned yet
    And the lessons of pain will haunt him again because he did not care about them


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