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This is the world this weekend hello I’m Stephanie scander coming up Israel has released what it calls proof that Hamas was operating beneath gaza’s biggest Hospital while the conditions inside it remain desperate the hospital is essentially stopped functioning it’s been choked off from all its supply lines uh the doctors

And nurses there say we you know we’re just un able to provide care and as the death toll in Gaza climbs demonstrations in Canada put more pressure on Ottawa Canada uh is extremely concerned about uh the number of Civilian casualties in Gaza also on the program it’s the gray

Cup Hamilton is full of fans as Winnipeg takes on Montreal from us budies plus we’ll tell you about a gray cup mystery that’s later but first air strikes continue to cross G today as Israel released what it says is further proof that Hamas gunmen were using the alifa hospital as a base

Officials have released a series of videos they say some of those videos show that at least two hostages were taken to the hospital Brier Stewart has the story this is 7th of October 10:55 a.m. Israeli rear Admiral Daniel Hagar stands in front of his screen pointing

To what he says is a video taken from Al shifa Hospital on the morning of October 7th just a few hours after Hamas launched its brutal attack on Israel he says it clearly shows that Hamas was using gaza’s largest hospital as a hub he says one video shows gunmen pulling

Up to the sprawling medical facility in an Israeli Jeep and bringing in two hostages one from Thailand and one from Nepal on the video one appears to be dragged in uninjured while the other is on a hospital bed with a stomach wound we have not yet located both of these

Hostages and rescu them we have not but hagari says they do know what happened to another hostage 19-year-old Noah Mariano a soldier who was found dead last week he says there’s evidence that she was murdered in the hospital hagari also released another edited video which he says shows a sophisticated 55 meter

Long tunnel towards El shifa with a door designed to withstand explosions and a whole Mill ANS can fire through the truth is clear Hamas wages war from hospital Hamas has denied that allegation and has said it took hostages to the hospital for medical treatment the videos which cannot be verified by

CBC News have been released by Israel after an international outcry when its Special Forces raided the elifa hospital a team from the World Health Organization described the facility as a death zone after a brief visit inside a hospital in southern Gaza 31 tiny frail infants share incubators the premature babies were

Moved from El shifa today but two others died just before the evacuation doctors said there was not enough clean water in elifa to mix the formula and some of the babies suffered from vomiting and diarrhea Dr Mohamad Salma is the head of the neonatal ICU department at the all

Heilo Elam moradi maternity hospital in southern Gaza the cases arriv to us complain of hypothermia hypoglycemia and a lot of cases are septic it’s expected that tomorrow the infants will be moved to Egypt no family members came with them because the Ministry of Health says they couldn’t find

Any the UN agency that works in Gaza says in the past 6 weeks 176 people Sheltering in its facilities have been killed this week again two of its schools were hit and every day they’re like this is the worst day of my life Shaya loow is with the Norwegian Refugee

Council the humanitarian organization has more than 50 staff in Gaza how many innocent people have to die every time we can’t reach our colleagues in Gaza we wonder if they are victims too Israel has warned people in southern Gaza to move further west as it gets set to

Launch more strikes and a ground operation which will undoubtedly make the UN Ming humanitarian crisis even worse officials say there’s not enough food water or fuel but now plenty of rain on top of already dismal living conditions Brier Stewart CBC News Jerusalem there are signs there could soon be a deal to

Release some of the hostages being held by Hamas qatar’s prime minister says negotiators are working out logistical issues our focus is to make sure that the release happen happening safely and there are also the humanitarian issues of the strip to be addressed in in that deal the details aren’t known but

Reporting from The Washington Post suggests a deal could see some hostages released in exchange for a 5-day pause in the fighting the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Say No Deal has been reached yet and that about 20040 people have been held hostage in Gaza since the

October 7th attacks here at home calls for a ceasefire persist demonstrators gathered on Parliament Hill again today to make their voices heard it’s adding pressure to the federal government as the war rages on and the death toll climbs JP Tasker reports free free free the grizzly scenes in Gaza have

Prompted an outcry in Canada why this happening why hospitals being bomb this man Dr Adele elori from Pembrook Ontario says he’s protesting because he’s hor horrified by what’s transpired at alifa hospital a place the United Nations calls a death zone I have colleagues who died I have doctors who cry every day

Because they couldn’t deal with the stress they have hundreds of activists are staging weekly protests on Parliament Hill asking prime minister Justin Trudeau to ramp up the pressure on Israel protest organizer Amar F you don’t have to be a hero to denounce killing of women and kids every single

Decent human being should be doing that we are asking the Prime Minister for more across the country people have taken to the streets some with an anti-war message calling out the Prime Minister directly Jud 50,000 people dead While others support Israel’s right to defend itself we all know that Hamas started this war

On October the 7th that’s left prime minister Justin Trudeau feeling the political heat Canada uh is Extreme extremely concerned uh about uh the number of Civilian casualties in Gaza as the death toll Rises there’s been a shift in ottawa’s messaging the pathway towards a secure viable independent Jewish State alongside a secure viable

Independent Palestinian state is getting more difficult with all the hardship that Palestinians are going through conservative leader Pierre PV has made it clear who he blam for that hardship I’d like to offer my full condemnation of Hamas for using Palestinian civilians as human Shields Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants Canada to take

A staunch pro-israel position saying in a social media posts that Nam Trudeau the forces of civilization must back Israel in defeating Hamas barbarism both Prime Ministers actually meant to say the same thing Israel’s ambassador to Canada Ido moed was dispatched to Smo smooth over bilateral tensions the point

Is really that we understand that those who are innocent should stay out of hm’s way the Prime Minister has held off calling for a ceasefire despite the demands of some activists the government is instead backing a sustained pause in the fighting to get Aid in and hostages

Out JP Tasker CBC News Ottawa Toronto police have charged a man in connection with multiple hate motivated assaults the suspect was only detained after worshippers at the mosque he allegedly attacked chased and restrained him before help arrived as Philip Lee shanok tells us it’s left the people who were

There deeply shaken he had like a deep hatred for us a very deep hatred we could see it in his actions and in his statements shne nir says banging on the window of the mosque on a busy stretch of Young Street in downtown Toronto is not unusual but what happened next has

The community worried the first time we thought it could have been anyone just hitting the windows kind of normal to us but if he came back with the rock and said what he said so we were worried he’s going to come back again police say a man confronted worshippers leaving

Morning prayers at the Toronto Islamic Center yelling slurs he then threw a palm-sized rock at an elderly man worshippers had to chase him down and restrain him before police arrived police say 28-year-old Chandler Marshall has been charged with 17 counts in all for three hate motivated incidents

Uthman quick of the national Council of Canadian Muslims says there’s been an increase in cases reported across the country of schools and mosques vandalized he blames increasing hateful rhetoric for inciting the violence and the targets are not just Muslims we’re receiving incidents and reports of people who are not Muslims

Who are Jewish who are Christian who are being targeted who are being threatened because of their advocacy for Palestine for example so this is something that the goes across Society this has been the the predominant news story now for weeks and weeks and weeks on television

And uh on social media so Michael M is the CEO of B Bri Canada he says anti-semitic incidents have exploded across the country since October 7th and he’s horrified to hear about the attack outside the Toronto Islamic Center there are many others that really have no skin

In the game uh and some of them there are individuals uh in in various social issues that sometimes just get involved because they want to cause problems and um and they enjoy the chaos that can ensue back at the mosque ner agrees we’re hearing about the attacks in the

Jewish Community as well and I can only imagine what they’re going through as well so like I mean what what we’d like to do is take a United stand against stuff like this this shouldn’t happen to anyone but he says emotions are running high and Canadians at large are not

Immune Philip Le shanok CBC News news Toronto now Muslim organizations say they are dealing with growing islamophobia in Canadian schools and Muslim Students say they’re experiencing more bullying since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas experts are advising School boards on what to do de suak Johnson

Reports University of Calgary Professor rahad zi proudly shows off collages made by high school students part of an art project about identity the university Professor has work worked with school boards in rural Alberta using art projects to help fight prejudice against Muslim Students female students who are

Bearing the hijab a very common racial slur that is uh that these students confront in their everyday lives is uh why you wearing this this piece of you know uh cloth on your head while islamophobia is not a new problem in Canadian schools zi says the Israel

Hamas War has intensified it it is in times of War um that you witness a hardening of identities everybody becomes aware of you know ethnic Origins where they’re coming from it’s something they have noted at Nasa a mental health hotline focusing on Muslim youth msen Kali is the director of the organization

We’ve had a 600% increase in calls regarding the conflict happening right now in in Kaza and Israel overall uh what we’re seeing is this notion that people are not feeling um that they’re equally heard you know since the conflict has started especially the youth they feel like they’re not being

Recognized and supported in in what they’re suffering and what they’re going through a recent Senate report on islamophobia in Canada found it is a daily reality for many Muslims and called for Urgent action one of the reports key recommendations launch a multimedia campaign and educational resources on islamophobia that can be

Incorporated into classrooms and yet the Peele District School Board outside of Toronto is the first and so far only in Canada to implement a board-wide strategy for fighting islamophobia it includes annual training for teachers on how to be sensitive to the needs of Muslim Students still it’s unclear how

Many teachers so far received courses on or resources on how to put the strategy into practice they had completed the strategy which was the first step um but now I think Community is kind of holding their breath and waiting right in the meantime Khan is giving guest lectures to teachers college students the

Educators of tomorrow on how to support their Muslim Students she’s also advising the biggest school board in the country the Toronto District School Board that school board as well as the one in London Ontario have passed resolutions to develop strategies to fight islamophobia Deana suak Johnson CBC News Toronto voters in Argentina

Took to the polls today in a closely contested presidential runoff election supporters of libertarian candidate Javier mle chanted as he cast his ballot in the capital buen Osiris mle is in a tight race with the country’s economy Minister Sergio Massa the economy has been top of mind for many voters who are

Dealing with widespread poverty and an inflation rate of nearly 150% Massa says his government experience will help bring the country out of its economic crisis while mle a political Outsider is promising to quot tear down the political status quo the winner is expected to take office on December 10th myanmar’s milit military

Janta is facing its biggest challenge since it took control of the country in a 2021 koua Rebel groups mostly in Northern Myanmar have launched a coordinated offensive capturing towns and Military outposts freelance reporter Adam bemma has more in the city of ly call near the border with Thailand wounded Myanmar

Troops exit a building waving dirty white shirts a rebel leader tells them his forces will treat them humanely the rebels called the keni nationality Defense Force seized most parts of lyov from the military on Thursday the K andf coordinates with myanmar’s national Unity government the Democratic opposition to the military hun chaza is

The spokesperson of the national Unity government this is a Time for them to switch sight sighting with the people this is the only way to guarantee their safety and their family safety also for the country myanmar’s military overthrew the government led by Anan sui in a 2021 coup the 78-year-old sui has been

Sentenced to 27 years in prison on what her supporters say are trumped up charges on October 27th Rebel groups coordinated with with the national Unity government to launch multiple offensives against the Hun this a 27 operation is not just a regular military operation it is the operation with a political

Objective to end the military dictatorship a union of Rebel groups called the Brotherhood Alliance attacked military outposts in sha State near myanmar’s border with China the rebels have seized more than 160 bases and now control Five Towns to two being critical trading routes with China in myanmar’s

Central Zang region the nug seized cin its first district level Town last week we are setting up the right now the administration and then providing the government services as well the nug launched a campaign called road to Napa in an effort to take back the capital no

What can tell the timeline but this military is collapsing quickly that we need to prepare for post hun transition period Me and Mar hun spokesperson Zam in tun admitted the military is under heavy assault he did not respond to an interview request from the CBC the military has warned Napal residents to

Be ready for attacks battalions have been ordered to defend the capital to the death according to the United Nations 200,000 people have fled recent fighting the number of internally displaced persons across Myanmar now exceeds 2 million Adam bemma for CBC news in changai Thailand former US first

Lady Rosalyn Carter has died dubbed the Steel Magnolia by the political press Carter served in the White House alongside her husband peanut farmer turned President Jimmy Carter rosn Carter often sat in on her husband’s cabinet meetings and White House AIDS privately called them co-presidents they were the longest married presidential

Couple having wed in 1946 when rosin was just 18 and Jimmy was 21 growing up I didn’t think I would ever get married I didn’t like boys I didn’t know how to talk to them and then Along Came Jimmy Carter and my life’s been an adventure ever since in a statement today the

Former president said rosin was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished after leaving Washington they founded the Carter center with the goal of advancing human rights but roselyn’s most lasting Legacy is her effort to reduce the stigma around mental illness as well as her fight for increased access to Mental Health

Treatment Rosalyn Carter was 96 years old 60 years ago this week in Dallas three shots rang out from the Texas Schoolboard depository and forever changed a nation a visibly emotional Walter kronite broke the news on CBS from Dallas Texas The Flash apparently official President Kennedy died at 100 p.m. Central Standard Time

2:00 Eastern Standard Time some 38 minutes ago Ripple effects from the assassination of President John F Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald are still felt to this day Steve fman SP spoke to people from all over the world who went to Dallas to Mark the anniversary 60 years later they still

Come to the place where it happened we’re here in D Plaza which is the site of one of the most horrific events in American history it’s the assassination of President John F Kennedy even if they weren’t alive in 1963 people are able to connect with this event well I’m for the

First time in Dallas I came here for business the morning we went we came across mariio dobrescu from Romania he wanted to come to this exact spot so this is the hill this is where he was driving right here on this street yeah yeah yeah with the car I’m 82 years old

And so I do remember where I was standing when I heard the news many who visit of course were alive when it happened for them the memories are different in Los Angeles City College I was a student there and uh when the news rang out everybody just stood still and

Couldn’t believe it I was 10 years old in the sixth grade my mother was picking me up at school Nan Whitaker traveled to Dallas from Knoxville Tennessee she remembers explicit details did you cry did your mother cry I wanted to you’re emotional even right now tell me why the

Memories this woman came with her two teen daughters we’re from uh Wales in the United Kingdom and we it’s just something you have to see really what do you know about the assassination uh well I know that was the first shot and that was the second shot and his wife was in

The car and was trying to climb out and it was from the sixth floor of that window bloods on a pink Chanel dress as well and this man lives just outside Vancouver there was such a momentous moment in history and changed the course of so much so just you know first time

To Dallas and it was was the one thing I wanted to make sure that I saw while I was here then there are the people who have theories about what took place it’s pretty obvious the CIA had him killed you know oh so you believe in a conspiracy 100% there there was there’s

Too much evidence I’m of the professional opinion that Lee Harvey Oswell was the sole assassin Ferris Rock stool was a school boy in Dallas in 1963 he eventually became an FBI analyst and historian he believes there was only one killer the lingering mystery for him one

Thing that no one can answer to this day 60 years later is why Oswald didn’t um uh leave behind any sort of writings that would say this is why I did it he didn’t tell anyone uh his close friends Steven Fagan the curator at the Dallas Museum devoted to the assassination

Believes there will always be suspicions we do live in a conspiracy culture and while there certainly were conspiracy theories prior to 1963 the Kennedy assassination kind of crystallized that very distinctly I think American mindset that you know there’s got to be more to the story the government’s not telling

Us everything most likely came from the grassy n and this was most likely a conspiracy hundreds of thousands visit Del Plaza each year this week the numbers are expected to be larger than usual Steve fman for CBC News Dallas well the winter holidays will be a little less sweet this year in western

Canada a bitter strike at a Vancouver Refinery has led to Sugar shortages IET brand reports flow down bnab Baker Holly Fraser hoists a 20 kgr bag of sugar onto the counter she’s desperate to find enough sugar to keep her vibrant pastry case stocked everything in our cases

Requires sugar uh we going to have enough product for Christmas if we don’t have sugar to be able to do our products then we won’t last until February 138 workers at Rogers sugar refinery began striking on September the 28th key concerns included wages and a plan to

Shift the 135 year old plant to 24-Hour production Adrien soldera is president of the public and private workers of Canada Local 8 but again it’s that work life balance and you know having people work these long hours and spending more time at work than you are with your

Family JS kard is Vice President of Finance for Roger sugar in Montreal demand for sugar in Canada is growing Canada produces about 1.2 million tons of sugar a year Roger sugar Inc Atlantic are responsible for more than half of that so far the shortage is hurting Western Canadian businesses the most the

Vancouver plant is still operating but at a reduced capacity that’s translated into empty shelves at some grocery stores and a real concern for Bakers like Fraser who burns through 10 bags of icing sugar a week at this time of year yes so we’ve just pretty much gone to

Costco thrify Savon and I’ve loaded my car up I look really weird when I’m walking out with a full trolley full of icing sugar or just normal sugar um and but that’s the only way we can do it if we can’t get the icing sugar through our suppliers or the regular sugar through

Our suppliers we’re toast right now suppliers are limiting Bakers to two bags of sugar each delivery it’s like gut-wrenching breaks my heart Fraser is hoping the sugar shortage doesn’t bring her dream business to a Bitter End evat Bren CBC News Vancouver you’re listening to the world this weekend on CBC Radio I’m Stephanie

Scander Australia’s national cricket team hoists the IC Cricket World Cup trophy the Aussies beat host team India in six wickets to win the title Australian Captain Pat cumins I think that’s the Pinnacle of uh international cricket winning a one day World Cup especially over here in India in front

Of a crowd like this you only get a shot at it every four years but outside the Narendra Modi Stadium it was a more somber tone tens of thousands of India fans shuffled out of the stadium heads hung low India entered the final on a 10-game winning streak and was the

Favorite to win this is just sad like we’ve been unbe beautiful this entire tournament and this was just I’m just feeling numb right now like there’s no feeling I want to cry but there no tears it’s just numb Australia has now won the Cricket World Cup six times since the tournament started in

1975 that’s three times as many championships as any other national team to sports in this country now and tonight’s gray cup Showdown is a battle between two giant teams pitting East against West the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are playing the Montreal Alouettes for the CFL championship in Hamilton Ontario

The cbc’s Jamie stash is at tonight’s game and has followed both teams we spoke to him earlier so Jamie these two teams took very different roads to tonight’s game can you tell us a little about that Stephanie they sure did you have the Winnipeg Blue Bombers representing the West really you know

CFL royalty these days the team is making its fourth straight gray cup appearance the bombers really red through the regular season winning 14 of 18 games to earn it spot in this year’s gray cup Montreal a very different path at one point in the season this team was

Six and seven seemingly going nowhere they haven’t lost a game since knocking off the league best Toronto Argonauts last week in the Eastern Conference Final in Toronto to earn uh its place in the gray cup the franchise making its first appearance in more than a decade

So really on one side you have Winnipeg who no one surprised is here on the other side you have Montreal who has been surprising people all season long and you’ve been in Hamilton for a couple of days now in the leadup to this game what’s the atmosphere been like well

This is really always a celebration the week leading up to the great cup a celebration for Canadian football and for Canadian football fans people here in Hamilton who definitely would have liked to have seen their Hometown TI cats in the game welcome the rest of the

CFL Community I have to say the Winnipeg fans far outnumbering the Montreal AL West the bomber fans seemingly traveling well the atmosphere has been great all week kind of a friendly friendly rivalry to storied cfl’s football franchises battling this year for the 110th edition of the gray cup Stephanie thank you so

Much Jamie thanks Stephanie pleasure to be with you that’s Jamie stash in Hamilton here’s what gray cup fans have been rocking out to Green Day is playing the half time time show this year there have been a lot of memorable grayc cap acts over the years who could forget

Shania Twain arriving by dog sled in 2017 but there’s also one show that was completely forgettable a few days ago someone on Reddit posed the question can we finally solve the 1999 halftime mystery out yes what he noticed is that Wikipedia lists the 1999 halftime act as a confusingly named group called The

Parabolics but with no explanation of who they were other Reddit detectives got to work could it have been a military band parah could be short for paratroopers my guess would be the cover band from a local Christian School Parable I was at that game first row 55

Yd line section 243 I think I have zero recollection the CBC broadcast of that TI cats Stampeders game ignores any halftime show going right into analysis what a 30 minutes of football for the Hamilton Tiger Cats so let’s join Steve CBC Vancouver reporter John ESP decided

To dive in I went to CBC archives and I asked around and they said we have no information about the parable eics whatsoever um CBC Sports uh they they said they went to the shot list of the the 1999 gray cup and had no reference I messaged Grant Lawrence of CBC music he

Said he had never heard of the band yeah uh my uh my searches have kind of been fruitless on finally back on Reddit a possible breakthrough one user remembers a competition of 20 High School dance teams and says the winner got to perform with a mange of CFL cheerleaders from at

Least 10 teams so mystery solved we’ll leave that with you to decide plus a little more Green Day this has been the world this weekend I’m Stephanie scander thanks for listening qu give on

Islamophobia has become a growing problem in Canadian schools and Muslim students say they are experiencing more bullying since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. And, Australia beat India by six wickets in the 2023 Cricket World Cup on Sunday at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

These are just some of the top stories on the November 19, 2023 edition of The World This Weekend.

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