Global National: Nov. 19, 2023 | Premature babies left at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital safely evacuated


On this Sunday night Hospital of Horrors dozens of premature babies are rescued from gaza’s main hospital as Israel releases what it calls evidence Hamas used the hospital as a shield Hamas was hiding and murdering our hostages in chifa hospital Taylor’s tour tragedy Swift cancels concerts after a fan dies in Rio’s record Heat

The gray cup kicks off with a neverbe seen matchup plus remembering Rosy i’ like to know what’s going on jimm has always um involved me former first lady and mental health activist Rosalyn Carter dies at 96 global national with faren Asser reporting tonight Jeff simple good

Evening and thank you for joining us 4 days after Israeli soldiers stormed into gaza’s largest hospital a United Nations team has been allowed in and is describing alifa as a death zone un Medics helped remove 31 premature babies from the hospital more than 200 other civilians remain stranded there some

Critically ill Israel also released what it calls unequivocal proof that alifa was operating as a Hamas Command Center Israel claims this video shows a Hamas tunnel beneath the hospital and it says this security footage from October 7th shows Hamas bringing hostages inside Global News has not independently verified those claims which Hamas denies

But if true they would support Israel’s position that it needed to Target the hospital Redmond Shannon has our top story and a warning you may find some of the images upsetting the most vulnerable of all premature babies fighting for Life their struggle made more difficult by War they are now in relative safety

Moved south from the besieged alifa hospital in Gaza City to the emirati hospital in Rafa near the Egyptian border they didn’t receive any medications and they was with hypothermia because there were not in incubators but in C and in the beds and in not suitable conditions for them to

Stay alive the infants are scheduled to be transported onward to Egypt on Monday medical staff say 31 of 39 neonatal babies at alifa survived to make it this far they say six of the eight who died did so due to a lack of clean water in gaza’s largest hospital Israeli forces

Entered the Gaza City complex on Wednesday as part of their ground offensive in Gaza on Sunday the Israeli Defense Forces released this video which they say shows a Hamas tunnel underneath the alifa hospital this is an Israeli military Jeep they brought into the hospital and CCTV footage which they

Claim shows hostages being taken into the hospital on October 7th Global News cannot yet verify this video The World Health Organization says more than 200 patients and staff remain inside alifa I absolutely humbled by the work of you and your team the heroic efforts that you’ve made this new footage shows wh

Workers visiting the complex on Saturday as hundreds of people fled a site who staff has called a death zone they say they saw a mass grave at its entrance the who also says it is planning further rescue missions to get alifa Patients Out pending safety guarantees from

Israel and Hamas on Sunday a further 135 Canadians permanent residents and their relatives were added to a list of those approved to leave Gaza Palestinian Canadian nabila Mana arrived into Egypt saying she had to leave some family behind in Gaza those 135 people with links to Canada are in addition to the

376 that Global Affairs Canada said had already left as of Friday Jeff redond Shannon in London thanks red Israel’s military says Hamas is holding 239 hostages inside Gaza but negotiators are reportedly close to a deal that would see dozens of Women and Children released it would also reportedly

Involve a 5-day pause in the fighting as Mike Armstrong reports while the deal isn’t done there is hope a breakthrough could be imminent even as hostilities continue on the ground there are negotiations between the two sides in this conflict though not face Toof face talks between Hamas and Israel are taking place in

Cotter through mediators qari officials the US and at times Egypt have been involved according to the qari Prime Minister a deal for the release of some hostages may be imminent the sticking points honestly uh uh at this stage are more uh practical logistical the foundation of the tentative agreement that would at least

Temporarily stop the fighting seems to be settled according to reports it’s a six-page document some of the finer details are still being ironed out but the basics are that Hamas would release 50 hostages women and children being held in Gaza in return both sides would pause fighting for 5 days and

Israel would allow more humanitarian Aid in the Israeli ambassador to the US Sunday morning on ABC said he’s hope for I don’t want to go into the details of these talks they are obviously very sensitive the less we go into the details the better the chances of such a

Deal but they are very serious efforts the Israeli Prime Minister said as recently as Saturday that right now there is no deal and that his government won’t Buckle under International pressure calling for a ceasefire but he is also under pressure from here at home there have been several rallies this weekend pushing

Benjamin Netanyahu to free the hostages bring them home now now it appears the two sides have been close to a deal at a few points over the last month but each time something got in the way there are a lot of things to figure out such as how the hostages

Would be handed over and the assurances Hamas Fighters transporting them would be allowed to leave safely whatever happens Benjamin Netanyahu says a pause would be temporary Israeli troops as soon as it expired would go right back to rooting out Hamas Fighters Jeff m Armstrong in Jerusalem thanks Mike a

28-year-old Toronto man is facing multiple charges in connection to three separate hate motivated assaults targeting members of the Muslim Community in the most recent police alleged Chandler Marshall attacked worshippers outside a mosque Saturday morning with rocks and a bike chain the National Council of Canadian Muslims

Says the hate needs to stop we will not be intimidated while our first priority is to ensure the safety of worshippers we need to see long-term change to fight all forms of hate including islamophobia Marshall is also accused of two assaults early Wednesday police alleg she asked a cab driver if he was

Muslim then sprayed him in the face with an unknown substance just a few hours later he also allegedly sprayed a woman who was wearing a hijab and said derogatory racist comments among those calling for an end to the violence is a Jewish mother in BC For Whom the Hamas attack in Israel hit

Close to home one of her relatives is believed to be held hostage by Hamas and a former colleague Vivien silver was killed on October 7th despite all of that she’s calling for peace and a pause neug Gara has her story inside her BC home Randy sommerfeld holds on dearly to memories

Of a time she felt Hope For Peace the Jewish mother of two spent years working in Israel with a nonprofit called save a child’s heart helping Palestinian kids in need of care 3,500 kids have have come to Israel for their treatment and gone back at the organization’s Hospital

In Israel children from around the world who can’t be treated in their home communities are provided open heart surgeries and postop Care half of them are from the West Bank and Gaza the group also trains Palestinian doctors so the patients can receive the care they need after returning

Home sommerfeld also worked with peace activist Vivien silver killed in hamas’s October 7th attack when I met her she actually gave me the advice cuz she I was from Canada living in Israel she was giving me the advice she’s like make local friends that are born and raised

Here she also has a personal connection her husband’s 17-year-old cousin named ofir a presumed hostage of Hamas kidnapped from the home of his girlfriend and her family the family saw him being put into a black car and driven across Gaza they shot the family dog they took the dad so his

Girlfriend’s dad and him and they left the girls ofir is among at least 200 people including at least 30 teenagers and children reported to be taken hostage by Hamas I know people intimately on both sides of this divide and and if we don’t remember to put humans first and Humanity first and compassion

First before political agendas before pointing fingers before all of this then then we have nothing sommerfeld’s message is one of peace and pause in the middle of so much polarization Nara Global News turning now to another conflict Russia’s war on Ukraine for the second night in a row the Russian military

Launched several waves of drone attacks striking keev and surrounding regions most were shot down and there were no reports of any injuries two major Wars in Ukraine and Gaza among other violent conflicts are raising fears about the potential for further escalation a new opinion poll suggests people around the

World are worried about what comes next Heidi petk has the details pal the violence in the Middle East brought out protesters with a message to dignitaries attending the hellofax International Security Forum this weekend we’re losing people we’re losing children and that’s not okay anywhere there’s nothing Jewish about

Violence so I’m here to call for a ceasefire earlier inside a former prime minister of Israel said the state cannot stop until Hamas is defeated if Israel government cannot survive cannot live up to its very basic commitment to its citizens if Hamas can control or come back as a military power as Russia

Continues its attack on Ukraine and tensions in Asia persist there is evidence people around the world are fearful amidst it all a new poll conducted on behalf of the Halifax International Security Forum has found that across 30 countries the majority of people last Feel the world has become

More dangerous over the past year in fact the ipsus poll found 84% feel that way 70% said they expect a global conflict similar to the world wars in the next 25 years and 69% worry about the potential of Chinese Le conflict in Asia similar to Russia’s attack on

Ukraine those figures slightly down from last year although the poll was taken before the Hamas attack on Israel the public understands that it’s a it’s a pretty messy dangerous place out there and that we’ve gone through particularly through the course of the pandemic a lot of disruption disruption leads to other

Disruption it should be a reason for all of us to be engaged for this American law and policy Professor the feeling of insecurity should be met with action to defend democracy both outside and within home borders if we can’t make sure that we live in functioning democracies we’re

Not going to be of much use to anybody else for many dealing with this time of unrest has meant protests like this Heidi petacha Global News Halifax former first lady rosalin Carter has died the Carter Center said in a statement that she’d been living with dementia and died peacefully at home

With her family by her side rosin and Jimmy Carter were married for more than 77 years and rosin was considered Jimmy’s closest adviser during his presidency and the Decades of humanitarian work that followed rosn Carter was 96 tragedy strikes this year’s biggest Music Tour coming up the death of a

Brazilian fan at a Taylor Swift concert Sparks scrutiny welcome back Taylor Swift postponed her concert in Brazil this weekend after a fan who attended an earlier performance on Friday collapsed and later died the 23-year-old’s death is now under investigation but is already sparking calls for stronger safety measures for

Fans Friday’s concert in Rio was held in scorching sauna-like conditions but attendees were not allowed to bring bottles of water into the open air station Stadium Mike dret has the latest fans lined up for hours before Taylor Swift’s concert in Rio de Janeiro on Friday the temperature outside was 39° C

Humidity making it feel much warmer one woman who attended the show said nton Santos Olympic Stadium felt like a sauna 23-year-old anac Clara Benavides Machado died in hospital after being treated by paramedics at the show according to the tour’s organizer in Brazil the office of Rio’s public prosecutor says a criminal

Investigation is underway though the cause of death has not been confirmed the heat is a prime suspect people attending the concert weren’t permitted to bring water bottles into the stadium there were water stations inside but some said they were difficult to access and Swift stopped her show at one point

To ask staff to bring water to a group of fans who caught her attention with the country in the midst of a prolonged spring Heat Wave politicians in Brazil say water bottles must be allowed along with free and accessible drinking water temperatures hit 58° last week Swift isn’t the first

Performer to deal with unsafe temperatures last August more than a dozen people at a Snoop Dog concert in Houston were taken to hospital for heat related illness the month before 17 of Ed Sheeran’s fans at his Pittsburgh concert wound up in hospital and country singer Jason alen had to end his

Connecticut show early struggling to perform in the extreme heat doctors say heat shouldn’t be underestimated early warning signs include nausea headache and dizziness and can escalate to heat exhaustion or heat stroke Mike drle Global News Toronto an Arab activist’s call for compassion in Israel still ahead how the

Crisis made her uphill battle even Steeper welcome back an Arab activist in Israel says she’s caught in the middle of an impossible plight omna canana has dedicated years to uniting women from different backgrounds fostering peace and friendship but the conflict raging in Gaza has upended both her work and her world Crystal ganing

Reports here this is my own kitchen omna canana says her kitchen is her domain and like omna herself there’s much more than what you see at first glance throw the cupboard next door Please I invite yeah I invite all the women to sit here we used to discuss many subject but I call this room social University Muslims Jews Christians everyone together sharing their culture experiences and hopes we are women we have big heart we can accept each other

We can listen to each other we can hung each other but things changed on October 7th when Hamas Fighters entered Israel killing more than 1,400 people and taking hundreds hostage omna says she’s lost friends since that day many people in her Arab Community she says are afraid

To go to work afraid to interact with those outside of curari for fear they’ll be seen as the enemy when I say the T they destroy Gaza also I am a sensitive girl this is really relative my relative this is my religious I feel bad when I said they

Kill the Jewish also this is my friend I feel bad to I can explain this feeling a fracturing of a community she dedicated herself to building after the war in 2014 omno was joined by many others for a large Neighbors in peace roadside show of solidarity attended by people of

Different faiths sometime I need somebody to Hung me and it’s very difficult the other side can’t understand you because uh it seems that they are not really acquainted of your culture R Masa lives in the same Community as omna he says emotions are too raw now but feels peaceful coexistence is

Possible even uh when I meet someone who is very fanatic and would talk to me in fanatic way I can understand him because it doesn’t come just from somewhere he’s been brought up by uh this culture all I have to do is just open the gates for New

Prospect if we feel equal if we feel company if we feel peace we can live together and this is my flag a hope she holds with passion Crystal ganing Global News gray cup Glory up next the David and Goliath battle at Canadian football’s biggest Game the 110th gray cup is kicking off tonight and this year’s matchup sees two teams meeting in the final for the first time the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are trying to cement themselves as a dynasty will the Montreal aletes have been hot after struggling earlier in the season

Sha OA got the tough gig today he’s in Hamilton for us the host of this year’s CFL championship game Sean Jeff like beaver tals and maple syrup the gray cup is indisputably Canadian and fans have come here to Hamilton from all over the country to celebrate the Canadian Football

Championship it’s the Canadian sporting event CFL fans plan ahead to attend every year the gray C I bought my ticket before winipeg was in it and you know what it’s it’s a lot of fun look at all the fans people the color smaller teams it’s like a it’s like a Canadian thing

Right many have spent most of the week in Hamilton coming from all over the country even if their teams aren’t here it matters not that your team is in the great cup it matters that you support the CFL we love the gr cup we love the gr

Cup the city shut down several blocks of the downtown core this week so football fans could come together many fans say there’s no better Canadian game or supporters everybody from all around the country coming together and you don’t know each other but this weekend everyone’s family the CFL claims this

Year was one of its most successful in part because of fan support it’s really good for the league it’s really good overall for everybody a year ago the Montreal Alouettes had no owner now as they arrived at the stadium to prepare for the game they have a chance to win

Their first championship since 2010 we’re on a mission Winnipeg making its fourth appearance since 2019 when it ended a long CFL DFT rout Testament to the work that you put in the two teams meeting for the first time in the gray cup the underdog alett versus the Blue

Bombers who lost last year’s Cup by just one point three out of four years if we were Cup champions that absolutely is a dynasty it cements the dynasty for Coach OE for a number of the players that have stuck around the alets got here by defeating the Toronto Argonauts in the

Eastern final convincingly the Argonauts had the best record in the CFL this year still the blue bers are the favorite and if they win the gray Cup today it would put them into the history books Jeff Shan OA in Hamilton Ontario thanks Sean and that is global national for this

Sunday night I’m Jeff simple tonight’s your Canada is Roos blanch New Finland and Labrador

In tonight’s top story: Babies in Gaza’s faltering Al-Shifa Hospital have been evacuated to “relative safety” after being left behind in a swift exit by patients and medical staff on Saturday. Though Israel denies forcing the Palestinian people out of Al-Shifa, they were accused of holding personnel at gunpoint, giving them just one hour to leave the institution. The abandoned infants are now being treated, and expected to be transferred onward to Egypt next week. Redmond Shannon has the latest developments.

Though hostilities between the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas continue in Israel and Gaza, talks between the two sides are reportedly taking place in Qatar — through mediators. As Mike Armstrong reports, Qatari officials, the U.S., and even Egypt, have been involved in the potential peace talks.

In Vancouver, a woman is speaking out after a relative of her husband was taken hostage by Hamas militants. Randi Sommerfield also worked with Israeli-Canadian peace activist Vivian Silver who was killed by Hamas in their brutal Oct. 7 attack in South Israel. As Neetu Garcha reports, Sommerfield is calling for peace, and pause in the middle of so much polarization.

With two ongoing conflicts that have resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands in Gaza and Ukraine, global citizens are beginning to worry about what violent escalation is next on Earth. Heidi Petracek explores a new poll — conducted before Hamas’s deadly attack in Israel— which suggests a large majority of people believe we’re living in more dangerous times.

Over in Rio de Janeiro, a young Brazilian fan of Taylor Swift died at an ‘Eras Tour’ concert on Friday night after falling ill inside the sweltering concert venue. Mike Drolet has the details and expands upon the dangers of immense heat.

And, after years of dedicating herself to years of uniting women of different backgrounds and fostering peace and friendship between them in Israel, Arab activist Amna Kanana says she’s caught in the middle of an impossible plight amid the conflict raging in Gaza. Crystal Goomansingh reports.

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  1. its sick how people see this kind of stuff and say "i support this". there are literal BABIES being killed because of these monsters. im happy majority of them were rescued though.

  2. I am sick and tired of Israeli lies and the western governments promoting those lies. Look at the lie about Al-Shifa Hospital. The IDF guys are going around in the basement areas trying to prove Hamas was operating from that basement area. I wish someone should ask them "okay so we believe you, Hamas was operating from that area that seems unaffected by the bombing of the Al-Shifa Hospital now tell us what you did achieve by bombing the hospital"? The area you show they were operating from definitely did not get destroyed. You only ended up killing hospital staff the patients and newborn babies. Does that bother you least bit IDF?!!

  3. A part of Israel's big propaganda campaign. They showed that they were carrying incubators to the hospital to save babies. They obiously forgot that they cut power to the hospital. Incubator will not work without power. What a joke!

  4. Dealing with Israel is so difficult. It is like being in a relationship with a narcissist psychopath; he fu cks you up and then makes you think it's your fault"

    Bassem Yousef

  5. The biggest tragedy is that Palestinian and Israeli little children are taught to fear and hate each other since their tender years, a wedge is drawn between them to ensure they can kill one another later on!! And worse, pain, fear, and death mark their innocent souls probably for the rest of their lives!!

  6. Surprised you have not added the news of World Cup Cricket Final match played on Sunday between India and Australia in Ahmedabad India. It was the biggest event of one of the most popular game also played in Canada at international level.

    For the record, Canada has participated in the World Cup Cricket tournament four times (1997, 2003, 2007 and 2011) and now have also secured a place among 20 countries in the T20 format Cricket World Cup 2024.

    This is a testament to the growth and development of cricket in Canada and that need support and reasonable media coverage for the promotion of the game.


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