Exciting Reboot of Canada Rocks Musical Now Showing at Mayfield Dinner Theatre

Canada Rocks musical rebooted at Mayfield Dinner Theatre


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“Canada Rocks: A Celebration of Canadian Artistry and Culture Returns to Mayfield Dinner Theatre”

The Mayfield Dinner Theatre is back with an exciting reboot of a beloved and patriotic production. Canada Rocks, a musical tribute to Canadian artistry and culture, has made a triumphant return to the theatre after a five-year hiatus. Director Kate Ryan expressed her excitement for the revival, stating that the show has garnered high demand and anticipation from audiences.

A Celebration of Canadian Artistry and Culture

The show promises to be a vibrant celebration of Canadian artistry and culture, with a diverse array of musical performances that span across different eras and genres. Audiences can expect to immerse themselves in the music of iconic Canadian artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, Alanis Morisette, Shania Twain, and the Tragically Hip.

According to Ryan, the show is more than just a musical revue; it’s a nostalgic journey that evokes memories of joyous celebrations and serves as a source of solace during challenging times. The production aims to honor and showcase the incredible talent and artistry that Canada has to offer.

A Renewed and Refreshed Experience

Returning performer Tyler Check, who previously appeared in the first run of Canada Rocks in 2018, expressed his enthusiasm for the revamped show. Check, who portrays Stompin’ Tom Connors and Neil Young, remarked on the show’s evolution, describing it as “2.0” – stronger and more captivating than its predecessor. He believes that even audience members who have seen the show before will discover new elements that will make the experience feel fresh and exciting.

A Compelling Encore

Canada Rocks will continue its run until Jan. 28, providing ample opportunity for audiences to experience this dynamic showcase of Canadian music and culture. Whether it’s the catchy tunes, vibrant performances, or the nostalgic journey through Canada’s musical history, the show offers something for everyone to enjoy. To learn more about the production and to purchase tickets, visit the Mayfield Dinner Theatre’s official website.

The return of Canada Rocks serves as a reminder of the rich and diverse artistic contributions that Canadian musicians have made to the global music scene. By revisiting and reimagining these iconic songs, the production invites audiences to appreciate the enduring impact of Canadian artistry. As we celebrate the music that defines our cultural identity, Canada Rocks encourages us to recognize the pivotal role that art and music play in shaping our collective memories and experiences.


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