CTV National News for Nov. 18: IDF search Gaza hospital



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Tonight hundreds forced to flee gaza’s largest hospital as Israel Titans control patients and civilians Scramble for safety the situation is terrible it’s catastrophe it’s unbelievable it’s inhumanity conflicting versions of who ordered the chaotic evacuation the clock is ticking on a pharmacare deadline I do absolutely think it’s possible to introduce legisl

The political pressure to remedy the cost of prescription drugs plus plugging away at public charging stations it is one of the largest barriers to electric vehicle adoptions the drive to give electric cars A J CTV national news with Heather butts good evening Israeli troops are gearing

Up to push deeper into Southern Gaza it comes as a humanitarian assessment team accessed gaza’s largest hospital today calling alifa a death zone and the situation desperate hundreds of people including patients left the main hospital where the IDF is searching for traces of a Hamas Command Center ctv’s Jeremy Chiron starts us

Off desperate and emotional patient staff and displaced families fled gaza’s largest hospital today this doctor says he and his family were forced to leave the situation is horrible it’s catastrophe it’s unbelievable it’s inhumanity fatalities in the streets children in the streets dying Palestinian Health officials say

Only a skeleton crew to care for those too sick to leave and Israeli military forces remain at alifa the Israeli Defense Force has said Hamas was was operating a command center under the building Hospital officials and Hamas deny it this is precisely the reason why we are operating on the in the compound

Of alifa Hospital exposing what Hamas has been doing beneath and around and inside the the hospital in conun gazin search through the rubble for survivors today this is the aftermath of an air strike that killed dozens they told us to evacuate to the South this gazin says his Rel Ives who

Evacuated were among those killed a strike at a northern Gaza refugee camp killed dozens of others too the Israeli military had warned people to leave and today only said they were targeting terrorists patients were rushed to hospitals in the south of Gaza including here in conun this as a ground Invasion persists

And Israeli forces plan an expanded offensive in the south in the coming days once they’ve determined where they think the concentrations of H Mass are they’ll strike them from the air and then they’ll go in isolate the neighborhoods in order to Cle clear them out now internet and phone service was

Restored to the Gaza Strip today ending a blackout that forced the United Nations to Halt deliveries of humanitarian Aid unable to coordinate convoys Heather thanks Jeremy the conflict has led to a disturbing rise in both anti-Semitism and islamophobia here at home the Toronto police hate crime unit made multip arrest today what we

See in our city right now is absolutely unacceptable police say a man attacked worshippers outside a mosque with a bike chain threw a rock at them and yelled slurs also today a woman was charged with vandalizing a Starbucks in a Toronto neighborhood with a large Jewish Community International Security is the

Focus of a major Forum in Halifax this weekend drawing hundreds of delegates from around the world conflict in the middle e and the war in Ukraine topics of discussion but as ctv’s Tony Grace tells us so are concerns about Canada’s ability to help keep an eye on other

Threats to World Peace former prime minister Former Defense Minister from a Canadian stage messages to the world about war I’m convinced that we will win this war but uh how exactly it’s it’s not yet clear former Israeli Prime Minister ahood Barack said his country’s future is linked to eliminating Hamas we

Have to finish it and called the loss of civilian life inevitable so we are sorry for any life that were lost for without any kind of making anything bad but uh that’s part of a war the toll of War has Israel under scrutiny and top military security and political voices making

Pitches to defend democracy Ukraine is fight for the whole free world the former president of Ukraine arguing his country’s fight against Russia also involves a common enemy of Israel evil the initiat of the war in Ukraine and definitely in Israel is Putin Russia and Russian Act of ail

Iran North Korea so we have the same enemy concerns about China’s military buildup are also on the radar and the last thing that we all can afford is another war in the Pacific and while Canada’s top Soldier says building alliances to maintain order is key and if that stability and certainty is not

There our national Prosperity is going to suffer he underscored hurdles in Canada’s ability to help keep up persistent watch in the Pacific warships working with the US and Japan are nearing the end of their lifespans they are in desperate need of some uh maintenance if we take a look at the

Trajectory of our maintenance funding uh over the next few years uh we we’re going to have a very very hard time uh given current uh uh the current path defense minister Bill Blair said today his department is looking for additional funding and is right in the middle of

What he called some very important discussions with the finance department Heather ctv’s Tony Grace thank you Tony mentioned tensions with China and a new report sheds light on the yearslong Detention of the two Michaels there the glob in mail is reporting one of the men Michael Spore is Seeking a multi-million

Dollar settlement from Ottawa and is blaming his fellow prisoner Michael kovrig sper was a businessman who traveled to North Korea where he’ met dictator Kim Jong-un sources told the globe Spore alleges he unwittingly gave intelligence to Canada and its allies when he shared details with kov who was

A Canadian Diplomat in a statement Global Affairs maintains charges of Espionage were unfounded kovrig referred CTV News to that statement China jailed covg and Spore shortly after a Chinese Telecom executive was arrested in Vancouver the federal government is about to forgo millions of dollars as it

Puts a pause on the carbon tax for home heating oil a new breakdown from Ottawa spending watchdog shows what creating the car out will cost ctv’s Colton pril on balancing the bills it’s more than a billion doll carve out new data shows ottawa’s oil home heating exemption means carbon tax

Revenue will drop dramatically over the next 4 years even as the rural rebate increases it is not about the costs uh for these uh for these liberals it is all about the political problem that it presents for them and it is a doozy for them the change means more than

775 million in tax relief in the Atlantic provinces where the Liberals are searching for support Ontario sees the next highest savings but the Prairies get little help it’s a temporary measure that is coupled with gain of financing for heat pumps uh and the doubling of the rural top up so you

Know in in coordination with these measures uh it’s helping Canadians with affordability challenges but one Economist argues that’s not necessarily the case it’s then a question of who gets what and this exemption really impacts who gets what the carbon tax is designed to be Revenue neutral but

Ottawa hasn’t explained how it plans to balance the bill even as the rural rebate is set to grow by hundreds of millions of dollars by 2030 over half of that money is being spent in the Prairies while Atlantic provinces see less than $500 million and that that

Means you’ve got less money available to share with households so although it looks like you’re getting a break in fact the climate action rebates are likely to be smaller even with the rural top up the Parliamentary budget Officer says Ottawa could keep payments to households steady but it would mean cuts

To the amounts going to businesses and Farmers or debt spending by the federal government it’s a decision the Liberals have yet to make Heather Colton thank you a push from Ottawa to get more electric vehicles on the road is drawing criticism a new audit shows a national program to install electric Chargers is

To concentrate in a small number of provinces and many in private spaces ctv’s KL carali on how experts want the feds to address the shortfalls this is one of hundreds of public EV charging stations in Toronto but leave the city and powering up becomes a problem we need more charging

Infrastructure um and that’s primarily because we uh have a geography that’s very very large welcome to today’s press conference last week the federal environment commissioner highlighted Canada’s shortfall in providing an adequate amount of charging ports for the number of electric vehicles it hopes to have out on the road the department

Had not prioritized underserved areas including rural remote and Indigenous communities and lower income areas as of July the federal government’s program had approved nearly 34,000 charging ports only about 133% are operational and nearly 90% of ports are within three provinces Ontario Quebec and BC the audit also found onethird of charging

Ports were located in private multi-unit buildings while only 18% in public spaces and 9% at workplaces although as of now only a small fraction of the federally funded programs charging ports are operational the government says the rest will be up and running by 2026 even then the federal government

Currently has no data to show exactly where the ports are needed the most although drivers will tell you especially highways right like that’s where people travel the most um and we’re seeing there’s pain points and spots where there aren’t infrastructure developed all of it causing a short circuit in consumer confidence so if

We’re going to get more Canadians to go electric we have to remove those barriers with Ottawa maintaining its goal to have 100% of new vehicles sold be electric by 2035 that number is currently just at 10% KL kurali CTV News Toronto the cost of prescription drugs weighs heavily on Canadians struggling with

Financial issues but so far the Liberals have not fulfilled their promise to table farmer care legislation and as ctv’s Annie Bon Oliver tells us that could impact their power in Parliament for more than a year and a half the NDP have been propping up the minority liberal government but that

Partnership may be at risk due to divisions over pharmacare legislation right now the sticking point is the Li Lial want to bring in legislation that is uh that appeases the big pharmaceutical industry we don’t care about them we don’t want to appease them the NDP liberal Supply and confidence agreement says pharmacare legislation

Must be passed by the end of 2023 but it hasn’t been introduced yet with negotiations between the parties ongoing and the House of Commons set to rise in one month I do absolutely think it’s possible to introduce legislation um uh whether or not we can get it through all

Stages I mean that’s a uh that’s another question in the last budget pharmacare was left out but an estimate from the Parliamentary budget Officer says A Single Payer Universal drug plan would likely cost 11.2 billion in the first year rising to 13.4 billion by 2027 when the plan would save an estimated 2.2

Billion a year on drug expenditures let’s take the time and make sure that we get a good system so that we can move forward we don’t want to bring in a bad solution now if it takes a few more weeks to get a good solution so that

We’ve got something to move forward into the future David of Abus dat says neither the NDP nor the Liberals should want an election right now the latest data shows the conservatives have a large and growing lead at 41% followed by the block at 28% in Quebec liberals

25% and the NDP at 19% Pier POV constantly talks about the liberal NDP Coalition and I think that’s to some extent why he’s been able to gain some new democrat supporters who you know don’t like Justin Trudeau want to change in government and it doesn’t look like the party they typically support is

Willing to do it based on recent polling ketto says the conservatives are in majority territory and if an election were to be called today the Liberals could be reduced to under 70 seats Annie berson Oliver CTV News Ottawa coming up rip for automation we started deuling robots to actually help uh humans uh

Labors high-tech helpers become building blocks for homes plus why we should always be kind to Otter American rapper Shawn Diddy combes has settled a lawsuit with a woman who accused him of raping and beating Her the settlement comes one day after R&B singer Cassandra Cassie Ventura filed the lawsuit Combs denied the allegations and from a Launchpad in Texas today SpaceX tested the world’s most powerful rocket last off looked good and the uncrewed Starship made it into space a first four Starship but Mission Control

Lost contact and then it blew up SpaceX has a lot riding on this rocket it plans to send humans back to the moon and eventually to Mars the solution to to Canada’s housing crisis May lie in Hightech a shortage of Trades workers is making it nearly impossible for some

Builders to keep up that has one professor in BC looking to use artificial intelligence and robots on construction sites ctv’s Shannon Patterson reports ask any developer there aren’t nearly enough skilled trades in BC to meet the demand for new housing we’re projecting a skill trade shortage for

The next 10 years and it’s not unique to British Columbia uh we’re seeing that across the country while construction companies compete for talent and the province tries to train and recruit more workers we decided to go with a new route where we started developing robots to actually help uh humans labors to

Actually get a job done faster UBC engineering Professor Dr Tony Yang says the solution to the skilled trade shortage is artificial intelligence on work sites the excavators the crayons and everything you see in the construction site we started making them smarter by actually uh adding sensors AI

Technology to do it so it has decision making capability to execute what the operational worker are doing but doing it by its own autonomously in this demonstration after a work site is mapped by drone an AI empowered robotic crane begins placing concrete blocks by itself there’s no real coding or

Computer programming required all the skill worker needed to do is assign task to the robots Dr Yang insists this isn’t about replacing construction workers with an army of robots so it’s not the goal to replace them but actually allow them to do job faster more quicker we’ve embraced Technologies where it makes

Work easier less laborious less wear and tear on people this is another extension of that to help uh use robotics use AI where it can fit their skepticism robots can take over complex construction there’s a certain set of of of skills and knowledge and expertise that you

Don’t just want to hand over over that responsibility to artificial intelligence but if the skilled trade shortage continues and AI technology keeps advancing then there’s going to be certain job sites that would be um welcoming of this this is unavoidable this is the way of the future and the

Future is already here Shannon Patterson CTV News Vancouver still ahead sticking out like a sore thumb I definitely don’t think we should keep it but I think definitely we should laugh about it but that’s not the poll Story this is the biggest weekend in Canadian football and fans are huddling in Hamilton doesn’t matter who’s playing everyone’s wearing their team colors and Here for a Good Time It’s Canada the game is tomorrow but the party has already kicked off the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will take on the Montreal Alouettes for the

110th gray cup and a US college basketball team has added a montrealer who’s the world’s tallest teenager to its [Applause] roster other teams will have to look out or look up when they play the Florida Gators because 7 foot6 Olivier Ryu will be on the court even at his great height

Ryu may not be able to compete with the tall tale of this next story it’s become an unlikely internet s ation from frederickton CTV Sarah Plowman explains a frederickton suburb recently got a new Landmark not the roundabout that was months in the making but what stands in

It a utility poll that became well a bit political neither the city nor utilities claim it but online people jumped at the chance some joke this was a Heritage moment an injury lawyer said he’s grateful for the support it even got its own social media profile I wanted

Justice for the poll you know everybody was coming after it it was it was there first it was decorated and then made into a decoration oh I saw the poll online and I wanted to take a photo is the poll everything you thought it would

Be I don’t know what to think about the poll honestly the city explained Cruz paved around the pole to get the roundabout partly opened and it couldn’t be moved until its wires were the pole would go although there was a petition to keep it I definitely don’t think we should keep

It but I think definitely we should laugh about it and I don’t know I mean it’s funny people are complaining about NB Power and NB power’s like it’s not even our poll like what do you want a week on the landscape shifted it’s a necessary very evil I mean really

Maybe this could have been an influx of Tourism dollars for fredon but I think as a safety issue we all know the pool’s got to go bringing the area the roundabout they expected and the laughs they did not Sarah Plowman CTV News frederickton a great attraction coming

Up after the break it makes me feel at peace joyful and excited that something this magical can happen in the wilderness Nature’s best medicine helps others in Healing finally for us tonight a reminder for those who may be overwhelmed by uncertainty during difficult times that simply getting outside can make a big difference ctv’s Adam sawatsky introduces us to a nurse who may have found the best medicine alone on a log this otter seems to be

Having one of those days like Winnie C certainly is well there’s a lot of uncertainty there’s a lot of hopelessness there’s a lot of conflict in the world right now and this registered nurse is feeling the weight of it all it’s devastating to know colleagues around the world are

Suffering that on top of the challenges facing our Health Care system at home too it can get to you emotionally physically and like the daughter when he just wanted to lay low you know when I’m I’m down I usually like to um hide behind closed doors although going out

Was the last thing she wanted to do when her friends invited her for a walk along the water Winnie accepted I always find peace being so close to the water while it proved predictably positive to spend time here with them would he never imagined they’d be joined by an otter

Let alone a whole family of them I’ve never seen otter in in the natural habitat watching from a respectful distance when he appreciated how they cleaned and cuddled each other it makes me feel at peace joyful and excited that something this magical can happen in the wilderness seeing the otter transformed

Her mood so effectively when he attempted to capture them on camera so she could share the pictures with the people she cares for at work who suffer from dementia bring a little bit of light in their lives too like the otter are focused on caring for each other

When he has learned that the best medicine for feeling overwhelmed by the things that aren’t in our control is spending time sharing the good that is really glad that I chose nature today over stay at home yeah cuz look at that smile yeah you’re happy now I am yeah Adam sawatsky CTV News

Victoria that is it for us tonight I’m Heather Bots for all of us at CTV national news thank you for watching good night and we’ll see you again tomorrow N

Hundreds of patients have evacuated Gaza’s main hospital as Israeli troops search through the campus for Hamas operatives.

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