Coquihalla Highway southbound closed at Zopkios due to vehicle incident

Vehicle incident forces closure of Coquihalla Highway southbound at Zopkios


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“Traffic Alert: Coquihalla Highway Southbound Lanes Closed After Vehicle Incident near Zopkios Brake Check Area”

Drivers traveling on the Coquihalla Highway should brace themselves for potential delays as southbound lanes have been shut down due to a vehicle incident near the Zopkios brake check area. The situation has led to a detour being put in place, and commuters are advised to exercise caution and expect some setbacks. Webcam footage indicates foggy conditions with light snowfall, and emergency crews are currently on the scene to address the situation.

Current Assessment and Updates

At this time, an assessment of the incident is underway, and authorities are working diligently to resolve the issue and restore traffic flow on the Coquihalla Highway. For the latest information and updates regarding the situation, individuals can refer to DriveBC’s website for real-time details on the road closure and any subsequent changes to the traffic conditions.

Navigating Through Delays

While it may be frustrating for commuters to encounter these unexpected delays, it’s important to prioritize safety and adhere to any detours or cautionary measures put in place by the authorities. By remaining patient and following the guidance provided, drivers can minimize the risk of further complications and ensure a smoother, albeit slower, passage through the affected area.


As incidents like these highlight the unpredictable nature of travel, it’s crucial for drivers to stay informed, cautious, and adaptable when navigating through such circumstances. By approaching these challenges with a mindset focused on safety and cooperation, the potential for adverse outcomes can be mitigated, allowing for a more efficient and risk-conscious management of the situation. Ultimately, the well-being of all individuals involved remains the top priority, and collective understanding and support are key in minimizing the impact of such incidents on the community at large.”


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