Canadian Cyclists Hayward and Clement Secure 4 Medals at Parapan Am Games

Champions Hayward, Clement lead Canada's 4-medal haul in cycling at Parapan Am Games

“A monumental moment in Para cycling was witnessed when not one, but two Canadian riders clinched podium spots in the road race at the Parapan Am Games in Santiago, Chile. Alexandar Hayward and Mike Sametz soared past their competitors by securing gold and bronze medals respectively in the men’s C1-5 time trial. Hayward finished in top place, clocking in at 26 minutes and 21.14 seconds, while Sametz secured the third spot in the field of 26 athletes with a time of 27:25.14.”

On the Podium: A Historic Win
“After a week of rigorous training together, crossing the finish line at the medal ceremony was a dream come true for both Hayward and Sametz,” shared Hayward, “We joked about both standing on the podium and seeing it come to fruition is truly special. The unwavering support from fans along every inch of the course made the time trial electrifying and an absolute thrill to participate in.”

Impressive Records & Triumphs
“Coming off a month-long battle with mononucleosis, Hayward’s remarkable performance in Scotland saw him finish at fifth place in the C3 road race at the Para world championships in August. As an Engineering graduate from the University of New Brunswick, he showcased sheer dedication and athletic prowess on an international platform,” said Hayward. On the other hand, Sametz also held a strong record with previous wins at the world championships and the Paralympics in Rio, underlining an unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Strength in Adversity: A Story of Determination
“Both riders exemplified resilience and perseverance in their journey. Hayward, who faced adversity at a young age, found his calling in Para Cycling after an unfortunate injury led him off the hockey rink. Sametz, after battling injuries and health issues, made a resounding comeback to achieve victory after a remarkable fight against RED-S, a condition induced by low energy intake,” stated Sametz.

A Tale of Overcoming Obstacles
“Nathan Clement emerged victorious in the mixed T1-2 race, seizing the top of the podium with a stellar performance, further underscoring Canada’s triumph. Charles Moreau, a two-time Paralympian, fought valiantly to clinch bronze, adding to the remarkable showcase of Canadian talents,” applauded Clement.

Amidst these remarkable victories, Canadian para swimmers Tyson MacDonald and Emma Van Dyk also put up a sensational display of sportsmanship, securing bronze medals in their respective events.
The athletes’ exceptional achievements bring to light their unwavering spirit and tenacity. Upholding the core values of sportsmanship and determination, they have set a stirring example for aspiring athletes and fans, inspiring fellow Canadians and others across the globe with their unwavering spirit. As their journey continues, one can’t help but look forward to the forthcoming victories, challenges, and the relentless pursuit of athletic eminence.



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