Calgary conference unites voices for peace among all religions

Voices for Peace conference in Calgary tries to find peace among all religions - Calgary


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“Aiming to foster peace and understanding among diverse religious communities in Calgary, the Voices for Peace Conference was a powerful gathering that sought to highlight the commonalities and teachings of different faiths. Hosted at the Baitun Nur Mosque in northeast Calgary, representatives from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim communities united to share their visions of peace and prosperity.

In a time when tensions are high due to conflict in the Middle East, Majeed Ahmad, president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Calgary, emphasized the significance of this gathering. ‘Every religion is teaching us peace and harmony. Every year we host dozens of similar events, but this is very special because of the current situation in the Middle East,’ he stated.

The ongoing and devastating conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in immeasurable casualties and loss in the Middle East, instigating an urgent need for dialogue and understanding among various faiths around the world. Ahmad highlighted that all religious teachings ultimately align in promoting goodness, and stressed the need for cooperation and collaboration to benefit humanity.

Acknowledging this pivotal moment, Alberta’s Municipal Affairs Minister, Rick McIver, spoke to the importance of mutual respect and understanding. He emphasized the need to model respectful dialogue and collaboration between individuals of differing faiths and backgrounds, echoing the hope that an example can be set for peaceful coexistence within the city, province, and country.

In the wake of such international turmoil, this interfaith conference rightly serves as an embodiment of the potential for a more harmonious world. Each religious group showcased their teachings and ideals, creating an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation in an effort to make both Calgary and the world a better place.”

This is an encouraging testament to the transformative power of collaboration and unity among different religious communities. Instead of focusing on division and discord, it’s essential to emphasize the shared moral and ethical values that underpin each faith, serving as a beacon for peace and prosperity in troubled times.”


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