Bomber billet family excited for ‘son’ to bring home Grey Cup victory

Bomber billet family confident 'son' will bring home Grey Cup


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“Meet Kyrie Wilson: The Linebacker with the Biggest Fans in Hamilton

As linebacker Kyrie Wilson and his teammates from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers get ready to compete for the Grey Cup championship, there’s one group of fans that stands out among the rest. His “billet parents,” Peter Posillipo and Tracey Eagle, along with six of their friends, have traveled all the way from Winnipeg to Ontario to cheer him on in the final against the Montreal Alouettes.

An Unbreakable Bond

Kyrie Wilson, originally from Fresno, California, moved in with the Posillipo family six years ago after being signed by the Bombers in 2017. He quickly became a cherished member of their family, attending celebrations, family dinners, and even play-fighting with Peter. The bond is so strong that he walked both Tracey and Peter’s mothers down the aisle at their wedding just last year.

Shared Love for the Bombers

Peter, a lifelong fan of the Bombers, and Tracey, a more recent convert to football fandom, have attended every Grey Cup for the last four years to support Wilson. Their pride in witnessing his remarkable interception in the 2021 Grey Cup to secure Winnipeg’s victory is palpable, and they hope to experience that joy once again as they watch him play in the championship game.

The Biggest Cheerleaders

When game day comes, you won’t find a prouder bunch of supporters than Kyrie’s billet family. Dressed in full Bomber gear and custom designed jackets, they make sure the stands know they’re there to back their beloved player. Their unwavering love and support for Kyrie Wilson are undeniable as they root for him to lead the Bombers to another Grey Cup triumph.

What’s Next?

As the Winnipeg Blue Bombers face off against the Montreal Alouettes for the Grey Cup Championship, these devoted fans will be there, hoping to witness Kyrie’s outstanding performance once again. This linebacker might be one of Winnipeg’s most eligible bachelors, but it’s clear that he’s found his biggest fans in his billet family. The bond between Kyrie Wilson and the Posillipo-Eagle family is a beautiful example of the impact of sports in creating lasting connections.”


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