“An attack on the English language”: Demonstration held in protest of Quebec’s Bill 96



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Time has come for our community to come together like never before drivers honk their horns in their cars plastered with signs opposing Bill 96 to send a message to Quebec Premier Fran go English matters English people anglophones matter we’ve been telling people about the consequences of Bill 96

For for a very very long time the task force on linguistic policy says the event is one of many rallies against the law through through people sharing on social media uh from people giving donations from people uh telling us their story of how they were affected by Bill

996 it’s the this is the accumulation and it’s just growing Quebec is our home the few hundred montrealers who participated in the event say they’re tired of feeling like they don’t belong in Quebec I just feel that our English language is dying and uh M leg just wants to get rid of

Us Bill 96 which became law last year has raised a few eyebrows restricting English services for immigrants giving language Watchdogs far more power and new requirements for English CF access are among many things in the far-reaching expansion of language laws there are other ways other ways where we

Are remain friends and we remain a Vibrant Community crushing us is not the solution the task force on linguistic policy is one of several organizations filing a lawsuit against Bill 96 some demonstrators believe the courts will rule in their favor but at a cost in three or four years the Supreme Court

Will uh negate a lot of Clauses and at that time it’ll cost billions in Damages organizers plan to hold similar rallies across Quebec we’re looking to organize in gattino and chat Quebec City Ottawa uh the Eastern Township we’re coming last month Quebec’s French language Minister Jean FR Rober said the

Government is working on an action plan that will include 50 additional measures to protect the French language Elizabeth zalis Global News Montreal

A group of people fighting Quebec’s language legislation Bill 96 organized a 10-kilometer rolling procession in Montreal on Sunday to protest the Legault government’s language policies.

Bill 96 was passed to help slow the decline of the French language across Quebec, but has made life for English speakers in the province tougher as a result of restrictions placed on communications with the government in languages other than French.

As Global News’ Elizabeth Zogalis reports, participants in the weekend protest called the law an “attack on the English language.”

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