Afghan couple seeks asylum in Canada, fears Taliban after deportation from Pakistan

Afghan couple waiting to resettle in Canada hiding from Taliban after being deported from Pakistan


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“The Heartbreaking Story of the Afghan Couple Forced to Flee for the Second Time”

Sanaullah Azizi and his wife, who were awaiting resettlement to Canada in Pakistan, have been sent back to Afghanistan, where they are now hiding from the Taliban. This devastating turn of events has left the couple in a state of fear and uncertainty, as they struggle to figure out a way to escape for a second time.

Unjust Arrest and Deportation

While walking to the hospital in Islamabad, the couple was arrested by Pakistani officials who demanded money from them. Despite showing a document from the Canadian government, citing their consideration for permanent residence in Canada, the police ignored their claims and forced them onto a truck headed for the border. The journey was filled with tears and despair, especially for Sanaullah Azizi’s pregnant wife.

The Mass Deportation of Afghans

The mass deportation of Afghans living in Pakistan without legal documents began on November 1, leaving many individuals in a state of panic and concern. This widespread action by Pakistani officials has been met with criticism, as countless Afghans have been sent back to their home country, a place rife with uncertainty and danger due to the Taliban’s resurgence.

A Tale of Desperation and Heartache

For many Afghans who fled to Pakistan after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, the hope of being temporarily sheltered quickly turned into a harsh reality of uncertainty and vulnerability. Those awaiting resettlement in Canada have faced prolonged periods of waiting, with expired Pakistani visas adding to their plight.

The Agonizing Wait for a Better Life

Sanaullah Azizi and his wife, who had been in Pakistan since June, had been waiting for their chance to start a new life in Canada. They had already completed the necessary security and medical checks and were due to board a flight, but their dreams were shattered when they were forcibly sent back to Afghanistan.

Dire Consequences and Pleas for Help

Now, the couple is living in fear, staying with relatives instead of returning home as they are too afraid of being discovered. Their connection to the Canadian military has put them at risk, and they are appealing to the Canadian government for assistance. However, the logistics of their escape pose a significant challenge, as they lack the funds to obtain a Pakistani visa.

A Nation’s Promise and the Wait for Salvation

The Canadian government had pledged to provide refuge to thousands of Afghans, particularly those who had served alongside Canadian military and diplomatic missions. However, the process has been arduous and slow, leaving many in a state of limbo and fear.

The Grim Reality for Afghans in Pakistan

As the Canadian government continues its resettlement efforts, Afghans in Pakistan continue to live in fear, unable to venture far from their hiding places. The turmoil in Afghanistan has not only upended the lives of those waiting for resettlement but has also exposed deep inefficiencies and challenges in the refugee resettlement process.

Ultimately, the story of Sanaullah Azizi and his wife is a tragic reminder of the hardships faced by countless Afghans, both in Pakistan and within their own war-torn homeland. As the world grapples with the aftermath of the Taliban’s resurgence, it is imperative that meaningful and swift action be taken to safeguard the lives of those who have already endured so much. Their search for safety and stability cannot be further delayed or ignored.”


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