Trustee removed from Red Deer Catholic school board over anti-gender ideology post

Red Deer Catholic trustee kicked off school board for anti-gender ideology post


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“Red Deer, Alta. Trustee Expelled Over Controversial Instagram Post”

“A Vote Against Trustee LaGrange”

A recent board meeting for a Catholic school in Red Deer, Alta. took an unexpected turn when Trustee Monique LaGrange was expelled from her position. The expulsion came as a result of her controversial Instagram post that criticized gender ideology “brainwashing,” as well as subsequent remarks she made on the matter.

The post in question was a meme featuring an archival photo of German children waving the Nazi flag alongside a picture of current-day children waving the Pride Progress flag in a school classroom. The caption read: “brainwashing is brainwashing.” LaGrange stated in an interview that the post was meant to compare ideologies, exploring the influence of “Nazi ideology” versus “LGBTQ ideology” on children.

“Repercussions and Controversy”

Following the posting of the meme, LaGrange was subjected to sanctions by the board. This led to her removal from representing Red Deer on the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association and a subsequent censure by Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools (RDCRS). The censure stripped her of certain privileges and required her to undergo sensitivity training and issue a public apology to regain her powers on the board.

LaGrange’s Position

LaGrange, however, refused to adhere to these measures, stating that she could not comply without lying and violating her own conscience. When a fellow trustee filed an additional complaint against her for speaking about the LGBTQ community in interviews, it was the final straw that led to her disqualification.

A New Meaning for Freedom

In light of these events, LaGrange is considering taking the matter to court for a judicial review of the sanctions placed upon her. She expressed deep concern over the changing meaning of “freedom” in today’s society, emphasizing the importance for people to reflect on their values and aspirations for future generations.


The case of Monique LaGrange’s expulsion from the board sheds light on the complex intersections of personal beliefs, freedom of expression, and accountability in a public position. As we navigate ongoing conversations around social issues, it is important to seek understanding, tolerance, and a balance of perspectives. The process of coming to terms with our differences, and ultimately finding a path of unity and mutual respect, is essential for the wellbeing of our communities and society as a whole.


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