Top Canadian immigration officials gather in Toronto; four provinces conduct PNP draws

Canada’s immigration ministers meet in Toronto; four provinces hold PNP draws

“Ministers Meet to Discuss Future of Canada’s Immigration

Yesterday, the Federation of Ministers Responsible for Immigration (FMRI) came together for one of their biannual meetings to talk about the future of immigration in Canada. Held in Toronto, this meeting brought together Immigration Minister Marc Miller and provincial and territorial immigration ministers from all across the country to discuss shared priorities and strategies for the future.

What The Meeting Discussed

During the meeting, there were several key discussion points that were highlighted. These included, but were not limited to, reducing barriers and streamlining foreign credential recognition, delivering a more responsive economic immigration system, and expanding settlement services eligibility. These are just a few examples, and the conversation covered a wide range of topics related to immigration policies and programs.

Multi-Year Provincial Levels Plan

One of the important pieces of news from the meeting was the endorsement of a multi-year levels plan for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which is designed to benefit provinces by providing them with allocations for immigrants up to three years in advance. This is meant to ensure that provinces can adequately provide settlement services, housing, healthcare, and infrastructure for newcomers while also considering the needs of those already living within a province.

Canada’s New Immigration Strategy

This meeting comes at a time when Canada has just released its new immigration strategy for the years 2024-2026. The federal Immigration Levels Plan outlines a goal to admit up to 500,000 new permanent residents per year in both 2025 and 2026, and 110,000 will arrive through the PNP in 2024 and 120,000 will do so in 2025 and 2026. This outlines the federal government’s commitment to a significant and sustained immigration intake to help strengthen Canada’s economy and workforce.

Recent Provincial Draws

This meeting occurred in the same week that four provinces announced the results of recent PNP draws. This highlights the ongoing efforts of the provinces to select economic immigration candidates to support their local economies.


These discussions are just one part of the ongoing conversation and decision-making process around immigration in Canada. Immigration is a shared responsibility between the federal and provincial governments, and these meetings are integral to ensuring that the immigration system in Canada remains flexible, timely, and effective.

With ongoing efforts to streamline programs, reduce barriers, and meet the needs of both the Canadian economy and newcomer populations, these discussions will continue to shape the future of immigration in Canada for years to come.”



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