Thousands of Israelis march to demand the release of hostages


Turning to the latest news in Israel’s war with Hamas the conflict is entering its seventh week and Israel is turning to Palestinian civilians in the hope of solving the hostage crisis that is a critical backdrop to the fighting on the Ground these are new images of a leaflet drop the leaflets offer protection and incentives to Palestinians in the southern city of Rafa who provide information about the captives meanwhile another advisory warned civilians to leave the town of con Yunis as the ground offensive moves further south

Just days ago Israel said the area was safe Meanwhile we’re seeing pictures of fuel tankers entering Gaza Israel’s war cabinet yesterday approved two truck loads each day for use by Aid agencies and Health Care Facilities only Israel has also hinted it will allow quote unlimited Aid into the

Territory we continue our coverage near Jerusalem where the families of Israeli hostages and their supporters are on the last day of a March in solidarity and protest demanding more effort from the Israeli government to return more than 240 captives held by Hamas Ellen Morrow is part of our CBC News team on the

Ground in Israel well you can see this huge crowd hundreds if not thousands of people here on the edge of Jerusalem marching into the city streaming here through behind me we’ve heard chants throughout the morning of bring them home of government do your job uh this is all about keeping

The focus on the hostages the more than 230 people taken hostage by Hamas during the October 7th attacks it’s a really powerful symbol of the anguish um and anxiety that exists in Israel Over The Fate uh of all of those people still being held and it is about putting

Pressure on the Israeli government to do whatever it can to find some kind of deal to bring those people home it’s also about people in the crowd here told this about just trying to appeal to Hamas to let those people go uh we spoke to one woman in the crowd she told me

That her friend and his son are among the hostages and here’s what she said about the feeling here today I think the world need to see that the world need to see that uh we’re all here for them not to kill anybody in aent in Gaza just to bring them back

This is our only wishful thinking now this is is the culmination today of a 5-day March that started in Tel Aviv more than 60 kilometers from where I’m standing the Marchers are going to arrive at the Jerusalem office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a few hours and Ellen as

That continues today we also know that the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold at the besieged AL shifa hospital so what more can you tell us about what’s unfolding there well it’s a little difficult to know exactly with very spotty Communications into Gaza only just starting to come back online after being

Down for the last uh few days but what is emerging this morning is that hundreds of people are now evacuating from the AL shifa hospital patients who were there uh and the displaced now there are conflicting uh accounts of what led to this uh this morning doctors

At Al shaa and the Gaza uh Health Ministry which is run by Hamas said that is troops there gave an evacuation order of just an hour’s notice for people to get out of the hospital and evacuate Israel disputes that account saying there was no evacuation order that it’s

Responding to a request from the hospital director to evacuate people so conflicting stories but people are leaving that hospital after being there in very dire uh humanitarian situations for days and weeks at this point where exactly they’re going to go is incredibly unclear and of course there

Are people who are too sick uh to leave who are unable to leave including the newborn babies who we’ve spoken so much about in recent days and doctors will remain there to help care for them but the difficult situation at that hospital uh continues for those who are still

There The cbc’s Ellen Morrow near Jerusalem

The families of Israeli hostages and thousands of supporters marched towards Jerusalem on Friday, increasing pressure on the government to secure the captives’ release nearly six weeks after Hamas militants abducted them and took them into Gaza.

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