Thousands march to Jerusalem to demand government do more to secure release of hostages



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Bring them homeing the Israeli government is facing criticism from its own people afraid for the more than 200 hostages believed to be held by [Applause] Hamas family members of the missing were joined by tens of thousands of protesters as they finished a 5-day March from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem they’re

Demanding the government do more to secure the host’s release they fear Israel’s Siege is jeopardizing the lives of their loved ones it’s very very important all what we’re here for is to state to to the government that they have to treat they have to talk to us or

To the families they have to talk to the families it’s impossible that there are 240 kidnapped people and the government our government isn’t talking to them doesn’t isn’t telling them what’s going on what’s on the what’s on the table what are the offers what are the reasons for and against nothing nobody’s talking

To them still have hope but each day they’re there it’s uh it’s a danger for them for their life and for their soul so we really really need them home now today is my husband birthday he’s 63 and his mother yafa Adar is kiped she is

85 years old and we are not with her and we are Marching we are Marching to Jerusalem to to bring a b back to to sh to shout and to say that she must be here back with all the all the kets H we don’t have time we don’t have one hour

More we don’t know if she is alive a

Thousands of people marched to Jerusalem to demand the Israeli government do more to secure the release of more than 200 people captured and held hostage by Hamas in the Oct. 7 attack.

Relatives and supporters of the hostages marched from Tel Aviv and camped just outside Jerusalem overnight, before finishing the walk at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office on Saturday.

“We don’t have time, we don’t have one more hour — we don’t know if she’s alive,” said one woman, Adriana Adri, about her elderly mother in law who was taken along with her 63-year-old husband.

The captives, ranging from babies to grandparents, are believed to be held by Hamas militants in tunnels deep under the Gaza Strip.

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  1. Hostages which the international community has seeningly and shamelessly forgot about ot moved on from or never cared at all about. Surprised to see thr mention of Global News but then again its still phrased as somehow a criticism of Israel so that makes it make more sense. 🇺🇸💪 🇮🇱

  2. When your daddy is the USA you can be a bully and get away with murder ‘literally’.. your dadd will support your outrageous lies and defend you and so will his dad’s friends. If you are the victim of this bully you may complain to the school principal but he will tell you he wish he can help you but he can’t help you because he don’t want upset the bully’s dad and risk losing school funding … so you take your complain to your friends and family .. they strongly condemn the bully’s actions but they can’t help either ..they don’t want to get on his dad’s bad side and risk their funding and their business ties. Thats when you know that your only option is to fight the bully yourself even though you know all odds are against you.
    NOW CAN YOU IMAGINE that Israel is telling the world that they are the victim in this story and the Palestinians are the bully! 😂😢

  3. Obviously Netanyahu doesn't care about the hostages. Israel has turned down offers to swap some Palestinian prisoners who have been unlawfully detained for Hamas' prisoners. They also refused to exchange hostages for gasoline and water. Netanyahu doesn't want to free the hostages cuz they are first hand witnesses of the attacks on Oct7th and might have a different story to tell. Also if Hamas were the savage animals that they say, the government would have negotiated as soon as possible instead of bombing Gaza into oblivion. Id be afraid the bombing campaign would endanger the lives of the prisoners.

  4. Both sides have had families kidnapped and murdered. Young Palestinian children held for no reason. Stop the violence stop the genocide and please learn to live together in peace. I pray all kidnapped, innocents who have been jailed on both sides are returned to their loved ones.

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