Taylor Swift fan dies at ‘Eras Tour’ concert in sweltering Rio de Janeiro heat



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A young Brazilian fan of U.S. singer Taylor Swift died at an ‘Eras Tour’ concert in Rio de Janeiro on Friday night after falling ill inside the sweltering concert venue, according to a statement from the show’s organizers.

Ana Clara Benevides, 23, became unwell at the Nilton Santos stadium, according to the statement. It said she was promptly attended by medical staff, and then taken to an on-site medical station, before being transferred to the Salgado Filho Hospital, where she died.

Rio state health service said she arrived at hospital with her heart stopped, adding that the cause of her death is currently unknown and will be investigated. Swift — who is scheduled to perform in Rio on Saturday and Sunday — said she was “devastated” and “overwhelmed by grief” in an Instagram post, offering condolences to Benevides’ family and friends.

“It was a fatality,” Taylor Swift fan Lara Ita said. “They were being very disrespectful towards people. The situation was so bad that Taylor asked from the stage to give water to the public, and I think that if they had taken more care of everyone from the beginning, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.”

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  1. To boost its shrinking economy, China offered her $1 billion a show, a Chinese citizenship, and a guided tour to Xinjiang.
    Swift refused.
    – She said nothing can replace her freedom of speech.

  2. Its a tragic loss ..but it think all venues shiuld have availible water dispensers on all isles of premisies ..
    I think thst taylor made everyone very aware to stay hydrated and proberly saved alot of lives doing so ..

    I think taylor will makes venues act

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