SpaceX Starship | Watch the rocket’s second attempt into space



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[Applause] 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 got [Applause] the Ping down CH pressure we are t plus 40 seconds into the flight of Starship 33 Raptor engine power andry nominal we’ve heard power and Telemetry nominal call out we’re heading down range over the Gul of Mexico and that call out tells us

Starship is through the period of greatest stress on the way to space and acquisition of hou signal Houston and New Orleans booster engine cut off stage separation [Applause] start you’re here in the cheering the first ever successful hop spage for Space X sports incredible views of our super heavy

Booster and as you can see the super heavy booster has just experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly however our ship is still underway with all power and Telemetry nominal and we just heard there ship Avionics Telemetry nominal all six engines are lit as you can see from the gooey there at the

Bottom right hand side of your screen now we did know that the uh that hot staging was going to be incredibly Dynamic we knew that there was a chance that the booster would not survive but we’re going to take that data and figure out how we can make the booster better

For the next hot stage yeah that hot staging put a lot of load on the top of the booster and of course it flipped around there a lot of dynamic stuff happening but ship is still going strong and it’s doing great right now the ship

The second stage is uh on its way like we said you can see all six of its engines are ignited oh there’s a great view of our Star Command Center that’s our control center at Starbase Texas the crowd here Mission Control Center behind us in Hawthorne everyone is super exciting

What a successful day this has been so far

SpaceXโ€™s spacecraft Starship second attempt to takeoff was presumed to have failed its core booster was lost in space.

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