Saskatoon bike store kicks off second annual Bikes for Africa – Regina campaign

Saskatoon bike shop launches second annual Bikes for Africa - Regina

“Bike Doctor in Saskatoon starts second annual Bikes for Africa campaign to send bikes to rural communities in Africa
By Moosa ImranGlobal News
Posted November 18, 2023 7:41 pm

The Bike Doctor store in Saskatoon has kicked off it’s second annual Bikes for Africa campaign, which aims to raise money to send bikes to rural communities in Africa.

Exciting Times

“We have lots of people who are very excited to support anything we do, but especially a program like this,” said co-owner of the shop, Reid Challis.

Aim and Donor Group Participation

Challis said he’s excited to bring the campaign back for another year and is hoping to build on last year’s goal of sending 800 bikes overseas. This year, a donor group is participating, matching up to $40,000 in donations, making it an ambitious and achievable campaign.

The Impact of the Idea

The idea, according to Challis, was spurred on by friends. The donated bikes are custom built to withstand long treks and designed to help in transporting necessities like food, water, and medical supplies, as well as students.

Life-changing Impact

“These kids will wake up at three in the morning to get to school on time, whereas now they can actually sleep in a little bit, get to school, actually perform at school and learn what they need to learn, and that sounds life-changing for them,” Challis said.

Challis said that bicycles can change people’s lives for the better and is hoping the city’s tight-knit cycling community can come together to bring the fundraiser across the finish line. He said that a good bike can “empower you to move and the bike to me is amazing, so getting it into these communities where the impact is even greater than it can have to anybody here is amazing.”

The impact of the Bikes for Africa campaign can be life-changing and empowering, paving the way for new opportunities and making a real difference in communities that need it the most.

This is a unique initiative that aims to make a meaningful impact on rural communities in Africa, truly highlighting the significance of community support and the transformative power of a simple bicycle.”



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