Newly Elected Directors and Jonathan Goldbloom as Hockey Canada Board Chair

Jonathan Goldbloom named Hockey Canada board chair as new directors elected


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New Hockey Canada Board of Directors Announced

Hockey Canada has revealed its new board of directors, with Jonathan Goldbloom stepping into the position of chair, replacing Hugh L. Fraser. The move comes after the organization’s 13 members voted in the newest directors at the 2023 Hockey Canada Annual Meeting, electing Gillian Apps, Amanda Fowler, Corey Hirsch, Kristi Miller, Krista Outhwaite, and Geoffrey Wong to the board.

A Period of Transition

Grant Borbridge, Goldbloom, and Marian Jacko were re-elected after serving on Hockey Canada’s transition board of directors. Goldbloom expressed pride in the progress made in leadership renewal, sport safety, and good governance during this period. He praised the foundation laid by the transition board and expressed eagerness to work with his new colleagues to advance the sport in Canada.

An Era of Change

Fraser, who made the decision not to seek re-election in the summer, cited a desire to pursue other projects related to safe sport as his reason for stepping down. His exit comes as the findings of an investigative report into allegations of sexual assault involving members of the 2018 Canadian men’s junior hockey team are under appeal. However, Fraser has overseen significant changes within the organization, including the hiring of a new president and chief executive officer, investments in sport safety initiatives, and financial transparency.

Moving Forward

Upon the announcement of the new board, Katherine Henderson, president and chief executive officer of Hockey Canada, expressed gratitude for the contributions of the outgoing board and welcomed Jonathan as the new chair. She emphasized the importance of ensuring that hockey in Canada embodies safety, excellence, and sport for all.


The appointment of a new board of directors marks a significant moment in the history of Hockey Canada, signaling a period of change, reflection, and growth. As the sport continues to evolve, it is essential for the organization to maintain a strong focus on leadership, governance, and the safety of all those involved. With the introduction of fresh faces and ideas, the future of hockey in Canada remains an exciting prospect, filled with potential and promise.


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