New York resident assists in wiping out millions of dollars in medical debt

This family photo shows Casey McIntyre and her daughter, Grace. Less than a week after her death from cancer on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023, the New York woman has raised enough money to erase more than $13 million in medical debt for others with a posthumous plea for help. (Andrew Rose Gregory via AP)

“A New Yorker’s Posthumous Plea Erases Millions in Medical Debt”

Casey McIntyre, a New York City woman, passed away from cancer on Sunday, but her legacy lives on as her posthumous plea for help has raised enough money to eliminate millions of dollars in medical debt.

A Generous Act

In a social media message posted by her husband, McIntyre revealed her plan to buy medical debt for others as a way to celebrate her life. Her heartfelt words touched the hearts of many as she expressed her deep love for her followers and her gratitude for their love in return. This powerful message included a link to a fundraising campaign with the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt.

Surpassing Expectations

Shortly after her husband’s post, the campaign exceeded its initial goal of US$20,000, raising approximately US$140,000 by Friday afternoon. This amount was enough to purchase around US$14 million in medical debt, showcasing the overwhelming support McIntyre received from well-wishers.

Challenges in Healthcare

Despite having good health insurance and receiving quality care at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, McIntyre and her husband encountered exorbitant charges for her treatment. This prompted them to address the issue of medical debt and the financial hardships it imposes on many individuals.

A Pioneering Movement

RIP Medical Debt plays a pivotal role in erasing debt purchased from healthcare providers and the secondary debt market, providing relief for those burdened by insurmountable medical expenses. The nonprofit’s aim is to assist individuals with lower incomes and alleviate the financial strain caused by medical debt.

Inspiring Others

McIntyre’s inspirational act stems from her own battle with cancer, which led to her spending three months in the hospital over the past year. Having experienced the challenges of facing a life-threatening illness, she and her husband were inspired by the efforts of others to address the issue of medical debt, leading them to plan for this memorial and debt-buying campaign.

A Lasting Legacy

Despite her illness, McIntyre found joy in spending quality time with her family during her final months, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and generosity. Her husband ensured that her wishes for the debt jubilee were carried out in the way she would have wanted.

A Call for Change

As McIntyre’s story unfolds, it emphasizes the pressing need for a reevaluation of the U.S. healthcare system and the financial burden it places on patients. Her posthumous act sheds light on the overwhelming number of individuals with medical debt and the urgent need for reform in the healthcare and insurance industries.

In conclusion, McIntyre’s posthumous plea for help has sparked a crucial dialogue on medical debt and brought attention to the financial struggles faced by many. Her selfless act serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing these issues and working towards a healthcare system that provides accessible and affordable care for all.



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