New Boys and Girls Club Daycare Centre Now Open in Kingston – Don’t Miss Out!

Boys and Girls Club opens new daycare centre in Kingston - Kingston


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“New Childcare Center Opens in Kingston to Combat Severe Childcare Shortage

In a country that prides itself on family, parents have been forced to grapple with a serious shortage of childcare spaces that has taken a toll on their livelihoods. But for parents in Kingston, Ont., the Boys and Girls Club’s latest initiative has come as a ray of hope.

Giving Parents a Reason to Smile

The official opening of the Boys and Girls Club Childcare Centre on 559 Bagot St. comes as a relief for many parents who have been struggling to balance their careers with family life. The daycare will offer 30 toddler spaces and 45 preschool spaces, and more than 100 spaces for kids age six to twelve. Harold Parsons, the club’s executive director, believes this is a significant step in meeting the community’s needs.

A Quarter-Million Dollar Makeover

The center underwent a substantial renovation, costing around a quarter of a million dollars, to transform it into a cutting-edge childcare facility. The funds were contributed by the Boys and Girls Club, the City of Kingston, and the Davies Foundation. The investment has been worth every penny, as the renovated facility promises to provide children a nurturing and safe environment.”

Giving Parents Hope

Nathaniel Isnor, a father of two, and Alana Raison, a mother of one, are just two examples of the many parents who have struggled to secure childcare in Kingston. Their testimonials reflect the frustration and challenges parents in the city have faced. Speaking to them highlights the positive impact the new childcare center will have in Kingston.

Looking to the Future

A long waitlist of over 400 names indicates the high demand for this new childcare facility, and with future plans now in motion, it seems like the community’s needs may slowly be met. Plans are in place to expand the club’s offerings, with a focus on educational services that will benefit children and youth in the local area.

The opening of the Boys and Girls Club Childcare Centre serves as a beacon of hope for parents in Kingston. As more initiatives are in the pipeline to cater to the needs of local families, there may be hope on the horizon for parents grappling with the challenging and often stressful task of securing childcare spaces.”


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