Jonathan Goldbloom from Montreal appointed as Hockey Canada board chair, as new directors elected

Montrealer Jonathan Goldbloom named Hockey Canada board chair as new directors elected


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“Hockey Canada Welcomes New Board of Directors”

Hockey Canada has undergone a significant change in leadership with the appointment of a new board of directors. Jonathan Goldbloom has been named as the new chair, taking over from Hugh L. Fraser. The organization’s 13 members elected Gillian Apps, Amanda Fowler, Corey Hirsch, Kristi Miller, Krista Outhwaite and Geoffrey Wong as the newest directors, along with the re-election of Grant Borbridge and Marian Jacko. The reshuffling of the board comes after the findings of an investigative report into allegations of sexual assault involving members of the 2018 Canadian men’s junior hockey team, which is currently under appeal.

Leadership Renewal and Accountability

Jonathan Goldbloom expressed his pride in the progress made by the transition board of directors in leadership renewal, sport safety, good governance, and financial transparency and accountability for Hockey Canada. As the new chair, he looks forward to continuing the advancement of the sport in Canada and working alongside the organization’s leadership team. Fraser, the outgoing chair, made the decision not to seek re-election in order to pursue other projects related to safe sport.

Response to Concerns and Goals Achieved

The transition board, under the guidance of Fraser, addressed public concerns, repaired relationships with stakeholders, and ensured operational stability within Hockey Canada. The bylaw changes recommended in the 221-page report by former Supreme Court judge Thomas Cromwell have been implemented, with a focus on more oversight and accountability. Fraser believes that the organization has returned to a healthier financial position than when he started, with government funding restored and the return of corporate partners.

Moving Forward

The new board of directors, led by Jonathan Goldbloom, will continue to work towards ensuring that hockey in Canada embodies safety, excellence, and inclusivity. Katherine Henderson, president and chief executive officer of Hockey Canada, thanked the outgoing board for their significant contributions and welcomed the new chair. The organization is optimistic about the future and is committed to addressing the challenges and concerns raised by the investigative report.

In the near future, the in-camera appeal concerning the allegations of sexual assault will begin, providing an opportunity for further transparency and resolution. As Hockey Canada progresses under the new leadership, it is essential to prioritize the safety and well-being of all its members.

The appointment of Jonathan Goldbloom as the new chair of Hockey Canada’s board of directors marks a pivotal moment for the organization. It is a time for reflection and change, as the sport continues to evolve. The focus on leadership renewal, accountability, and safety must remain at the forefront as Hockey Canada moves forward. With a new board in place, the organization has an opportunity to rebuild trust and ensure that all members, from players to administrators, can participate in the sport with confidence and integrity. As Canadians, the love for hockey runs deep, and it is crucial to uphold the values of the sport while fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity. The future of hockey in Canada depends on the commitment to these principles, and the new board of directors has a vital role to play in shaping that future.


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