Help us reach our goal: Kelowna crane collapse memorial fundraising surpasses $100K – Okanagan

Fundraising continues for Kelowna crane collapse memorial, tops $100K - Okanagan


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“Commemorative Fundraising For Kelowna Crane Collapse Victims on the Rise

Families and loved ones of the victims who perished in the crane collapse in downtown Kelowna are spearheading a commendable effort to construct a permanent memorial in honour of the five who lost their lives. The memorial will be situated in Knowles Heritage Park, close to the site of the tragic incident that unfolded on July 12, 2021.

More Than Just a Memorial

The North Okanagan Labour Council (NOLC) aims to raise $300,000 in funds for this memorial, and so far, they have raised $123,100 since announcing the project last July. The NOLC has emphasized its current total includes $37,000 from the community and the remainder from collective contributions made by unions, businesses, and crown corporations.

Looking to the Future

As plans move forward, the NOLC is eager to attract additional donations from local businesses, the development community, and private corporations. United Way BC is working in partnership with the council towards this goal.

Project Completion in Sight

Construction documents are expected to be finalized over the coming months, and the council anticipates initiating the process of retaining a contractor by February of next year. The memorial’s construction is projected to be completed in time for the third anniversary of the tragic event, on July 12, 2024.


The launch of the fundraising campaign for the Kelowna crane collapse memorial demonstrates the spirit of solidarity and remembrance. Observing the dedication of the community to preserve the memory of the lives lost serves as a powerful testament to their love and compassion.”


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