Global National: Nov. 18, 2023 | Palestinians exit Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital, claim IDF “forced” them


On this Saturday night Nowhere to Run Palestinians flee gaza’s largest hospital as Israel widens its offensive plus the pain and suffering after a blast at a un run School Sheltering civilians also tonight bombshell Revelations a new report claims one of the two Michaels is Seeking a multi-million doll settlement from

Ottawa he is making some serious allegations why Michael spavor is blaming Michael cick for his arrest in China and the black Battalion they were proud of what they did they came back and they were functioning in Oblivion more than a century later Canada’s only all black unit to serve in the first

World war receives a special honor global national with foreign assets reporting tonight Jeff simple good evening thank you for joining us Israel is expanding its ground offensive in the heart of Gaza and has reportedly ordered the immediate evacuation of the strip’s largest hospital hundreds have been forced to flee as Israeli forces

Continue searching alifa hospital they claim a secret Hamas Command Center lies underneath something Hamas has repeatedly denied multiple blasts were reported across the strip today including a United Nations run School where hundreds were believed to be Sheltering Mike Armstrong has our top story tonight and a warning you may find the video

Disturbing it is an accusation denied by the Israeli military but of the people fleeing Gaza City Saturday some were healthcare workers they say they were forced out of Aliva hospital by Israeli Defense Forces given 1 hour to leave Dr romez radwa says what was gaza’s biggest hospital now has just a

Team of nurses and a single surgeon everyone else he says was forced to evacuate alifa now according to the Hamas run Health Ministry about 500 patients left at gunpoint from a high of about, 1500 patients it now holds only 125 people are dead and nobody buries

Them says mahad Bei there’s no food or drink and the shooting goes on 24 hours a day now the IDF has been inside chifa since Thursday and says it didn’t push anyone out troops just helped people leave because they were asked to by the hospital administrator that is what we’ve

Coordinated um throughout the day and we’ve seen people leaving at the those that can now air strikes in the north continue this is video of the aftermath of a reported strike Saturday on a un school being used as a shelter the Palestinian Health Ministry says at least 50 people were

Killed the Israeli military continues to tell gazin the south is safer it’s also hitting what it considers military Targets in the South Health officials say this strike on a house killed 15 there were two rockets according to this man in an area he says Israel tells the world is

Safe gazan officials say since the beginning of this conflict the death toll is now over 12,000 a number of the United Nations says is credible but they’re also the injured about 30,000 this man says there were about 80 people in a building that was hit in Han yunes many of them were people who had left the north now there are new warnings about that City Israeli officials are urging civilians to leave they say Hamas Fighters may now be held

Up there and people should move west something Observer sake could point to an Israeli ground defensive in that area area Israeli Prime Minister Saturday night said his troops will go wherever they have to to get Hamas Fighters people in the South he said will understand that soon enough Benjamin Netanyahu was also asked

About Hamas leadership outside the Gaza Strip living in places like Cotter and Lebanon he said all members of Hamas even outside Gaza he considers dead men Jeff Mike Armstrong in Jerusalem thanks Mike and there are growing fears that fighting along Israel’s border with Lebanon could spark a wider mid East

Conflict Israel’s Defense Forces and Iran backed Hezbollah traded rocket fire again today according to reports Israel’s latest attack hit an aluminum Factory 15 kilometers from the border that’s the deepest strike inside Lebanon since the Hamas attack the Israeli government is facing criticism from its own people afraid for

The more than 200 hostages believed to be held by Hamas [Applause] family members of the missing were joined by tens of thousands of protesters as they finished a five-day March from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem they’re demanding the government do more to secure the host’s release they fear Israel’s Siege is jeopardizing the lives

Of their loved ones turning to other news now and a new bombshell revelation in the case of the two Michaels the Canadians detained in China for nearly 3 years accused of spying a new report from the globe in mail citing unnamed sources says Michael spavor is Seeking a multi-million doll

Settlement from Ottawa according to the report spavor claims he was an unwitting victim and he blames the Canadian government and Michael covrig for his detention a standing ovation for the two Michaels following their release from Chinese prisons a couple of years ago Ottawa claimed they were political pawns

Detained following the arrest of a Chinese Tech executive mungan Joe in Vancouver but according to the globe in mail spavor lawyers are telling a different story long before his arrest the entrepreneur had moved to China and was working to drum up investments in North Korea okay passort here in 2013 spavor

Made headlines when he helped to facilitate a trip to the hermit Kingdom for American basketball star Dennis Rodman that led to spab or’s unlikely friendship with North Korea’s reclusive dictator Kim Jong-un it’s alleged that spavor later recounted his experiences to fellow Canadian expat Michael cover over drinks according to the globe

Report spavor lawyers alleged that unbeknownst to him cck then shared that intelligence with officials in Ottawa and in Beijing which ultimately led to spavor arrest it’s such a immense relief to be back in Canada C was working as a diplomat at the Canadian embassy in Beijing and in 2017 joined an

Independent Global Think Tank the international crisis group the Fed federal government says C was not a spy and has never worked for CIS diplomatic officers are tasked with collecting information on security in countries of strategic importance but they are not meant to conduct covert operations a government spokesperson told Global News

Perpetuating the notion that either Michael was involved in Espionage is only perpetuating a false narrative under which they were detained by China joining us now from Montreal is G sjac who was Canada’s former ambassador to China between 2012 and 2016 uh Mr St Jo thank you so much for joining us nice

To see you uh let’s start first with with your reaction to the revelations we’ve learned today well I knew that there were ongoing negotiations uh uh taking place in Ottawa I know that uh those with Michael cck were settled some time ago I didn’t know exactly where uh

The negotiations were uh with Mr sper but of course is making uh some serious allegations and I must say that based on my experience um uh you know I don’t think it’s the the full story H what do you mean by that well I think that the

Mr sper was watched by the the Chinese security people and the reason for this is that China considers North Korea as its uh backyard and here is a foreigner a Canadian who has a very close access to the North Korean leader Kim jongan something that no Chinese has and and

For that uh there was a bit of jealousy or concern uh of how influential Mr sper could be and from my perspective I think this is the main reason why uh he was arrested by the Chinese as noted Mr C worked at the embassy there at around

The same time as your tenure was Mr C A cisus agent no no not at all in fact he was a a good political officer and there is an important distinction with spying work and uh uh political reporting work uh diplomats that are assigned to political sections abroad are charged with doing

Political reporting of course in a country like China it’s very difficult to have access to good information because it’s so opaque and Michael being able to travel around uh you know I’m sure that the the anyone at the embassy would have been interested to to hear

What he had learned during his trips and Michael Ki was very open about this you know that this was not done in in secret gjac for Canada’s former ambassador to China thank you so much for your time really appreciate it thank you the Fallout continues from a global news investigation with

Allegations that Canada has become a safe haven for hundreds of people connected to the Iranian regime they’re accused of threatening Canadians prompting calls for the federal government to respond Mercedes Stevenson joins me now from the annual Global Security Summit in Halifax hi Mercedes so what’s been the reaction there to how

Canada is handling this threat well Jeff folks here are concerned about the Iranian regime and it’s influence all around the world from Canada to the United States to the UK there are worries that Iran is not just using proxies in places like the Middle East through Hamas and Hezbollah but that

They are also involved in trying to intimidate threaten potentially even kidnap or kill Canadian American and UK citizens I sat down with Massie alinad she’s a very prominent human rights expert from Iran who previously spoke to Global News and I asked her about the prime minister’s response to our

Reporting where he said that essentially the government is doing all they can to try to deal with Iran and will continue to try to do so she had a pretty strong message for prime minister Justin Trudeau you know these are cliche and empty word and prime minister trudo I

Want to use this camera and talk to you directly don’t be scared of me and women like you know you and critical journalists and Iranian Canadians in Canada we love Canada we love peace and security and democracy we love Canada to be a shelter for you know decent people and

You’re putting the lives of Canadians in danger so I want to meet you that’s all I can say because otherwise he’s going to come up with a lot of empty words saying that we stand with the people of Iran no please sit down and make decisions how to protect uh human rights

How to protect democracy in Canada that’s very important some uh Iranian regime critics have suggested Jeff that Canada needs to criminalize the irgc right now there are rules to prevent those officials from entering Canada but it is not listed as a terror entity that’s one of the things

That many Iranian expats say they’d like to see happen Mercedes Stevenson in Halifax tonight thanks and you can hear more about this tomorrow morning on the west block that’s right here on global national security officials are investigating reports of BC companies drone detection technology was sold to Russia in violation of sanctions

According to Ukrainian and Russian media reports the equipment from vancouver-based skyscope Technologies was recently acquired by a Moscow University the anti-drone system can detect hundreds of different types of drones at long distances skyscope Technologies denies violating sanctions paying the mortgage coming up some much needed good news for Canadian homeowners 3 2

1 spacex’s Starship roared into the sky this morning before it was intentionally destroyed mid-flight the nearly 400ft rocket ran into trouble minutes after takeoff one of its boosters exploded over the Gulf of Mexico Mission Control lost contact moments later saying the Rockets onboard system destroyed the vehicle this was the starship’s second

Test launch its April attempt also ended in Failure space X’s owner Elon Musk also owns X formerly Twitter of course and the billionaire is now facing backlash for supporting an anti-semitic post several Major Brands including apple and Disney are now pausing ads on his social media platform after a report from a

Media Watchdog Group found ads next to tweets praising Hitler and the Nazis musk is now threatening to Sue that group along with all those who colluded in what must says is a fraudulent attack on the company well if you’re one of the millions of Canadians feeling the pain

From high interest rates some economists believe relief could be on the way 5-year fixed rate mortgages are already beginning to dip slightly with borrowing costs expected to fall further in the coming years promising news for some but for those with mortgages up for Renewal that relief may not come soon enough

Heather urick West explains for $1.4 million you could be the next owner of this downtown Vancouver condo a deal as the city’s normally overheated housing market starts to cool obviously everyone’s aware that the interest rates have completely impacted the market it’s starting to increase now uh but it was

Definitely the last 3 months have been a little bit on the slower side in comparison to previous years it’s not just clients looking to sell the soaring interest rates have katenzaro re-evaluating her own Investments too she had been renting out a revenue property in Calgary but the costs were

Just too high so as an investor personally uh I ended up selling my property in in Calgary just recently just a few months ago mortgage rates for Canadians uh who are trying to pay off their house have climbed dramatically over the last year and a half anyone

With a variable rate mortgage knows this pain all too well but those with locked in mortgages will come to know it soon in 2020 1 a 5-year fixed rate could be as low as 1.4% today even a discounted rate is well over five Canadian households are paying uh an additional $65 billion a

Year already from higher interest rates and that total will probably grow as more Canadians have their mortgages renewed the interest rate hikes have caused housing costs including rents to soar giving Canadians less money to spend and fuel inflation enough that a growing number of economists now believe we’ve seen High mortgage rates reach

Their Peak and over the next few years some relief is on the way but we’re not going to go back down to levels that we saw early in the pandemic boom and Canadians probably gota H probably got to get comfortable with normal mortgage rates being something around like let’s

Say three and a half or 4% numbers that may put home ownership Out Of Reach for some the days of borrowing debt Dirt Cheap behind us Heather urex West Global News Calgary Argentina at a Crossroads still ahead the divisive presidential election with high stakes for the country’s economy welcome back Argentina is

Preparing to head to the polls in what looks like a close election to decide the country’s next president their two choices a controversial far-right libertarian and the country’s Finance Minister as Mike Dr reports whoever wins will need to sort out an economy on the brink Argentina has found itself out of

Political Crossroads and it couldn’t be more contentious or volatile it’s incredible that there is no Freedom screamed this supporter of Javier Malay the former TV host turned farri right libertarian who has galvanized his supporters with props using a chainsaw to symbolize the cuts he’s going to make to government

While working his supporters into a frenzy at his Rock star-like rallies Long Live Freedom damn it has become his populous catchphrase which pushed him to second place in last month’s first round of voting surprising many political pundits and what a contrast he is from his opponent Sergio Massa the established

Centrist politician who won the first round of voting but as Minister of Finance Finance he’s seen inflation rise almost 150% on his watch sending 4 in 10 argentinians under the poverty line the polls show the election is now too close to call and the choice for some isn’t a choice at

All this man says he’s not voting neither of them he says represents the interests I have for the future of the country what seems certain is that tough times are ahead for a country that’s been edging towards a financial catastrophe for years economists see no other way out than strict austerity

Measures which could negatively impact other South American countries and argentinians will have to decide who they trust more to guide them through it the status quo in Massa or the chainsaw wielding Malay a tough choice the country can’t afford to get wrong Mike trite Global News a Taylor Swift fan has died after

Collapsing during sweltering conditions at a concert in Rio Aro on Friday the 23-year-old’s cause of death is not known but Reports say fans were not allowed to take water inside the open air Stadium despite a record-breaking Heatwave in a handwritten note on Instagram Swift says she’s devastated calling the victim far too

Young honoring the black Battalion next paying tribute to Canada’s only all black unit of the first World War Canada’s only all black unit to serve during the first world war faced much Prejudice throughout the conflict well now more than a century later Canada’s defense minister has announced a new initiative to honor the black Battalion Megan King has the details this is a significant moment

That some of us never expect to ever see a Monumental day in the history and Legacy of the number two construction Battalion remembering the brave men who had to fight for their right to serve Canadians black Canadians over a century ago wanted to serve were quite prepared to lay down

Their lives for their country and and when they Ste forward to serve they were turned away and and and it’s important for us to remember why they were turned away they were proud of what they did they came back and they were functioning in Oblivion they weren’t herble they

Were un celebrated Blair announcing $2.25 million in funding towards educating the public on the history behind the Battalion and honoring its memory today’s announcement speaks to their perseverance and it also speaks to the important aspect of us not forgetting their legacy there’s still a fear fear part of this country and

Internationally who never heard of number two construction Battalion so the more we can do these things the more people know about it in addition to the funding the black Cultural Center was presented with the first number two construction Battalion Camp flag for commemoration fact that you know this

Battalion served and never had uh an identification Camp flag and the fact that that right uh that wrong has been been Rewritten and today we have something that we can be proud of as a symbol of those brave men this event follows a formal apology to the descendants of Battalion members by

Prime minister Justin Trudeau back in July 2022 at which point he acknowledged the systemic anti-black racism the battalion’s 600 members faced before during and long after the war all Canadians deserve to know the truth of our history we need to learn from that truth so that we can build a more

Inclusive country for the Next Generation Megan King Global News Cherrybrook Nova Scotia and that is global national for this Saturday night I’m Jeff simple tonight’s your Canada is the Thompson river near spences Bridge BC we love seeing your Canada so please keep emailing your photos to viewers at thanks for watching hope

You’ll join us again here tomorrow have a great Night

In tonight’s top story: Hundreds of Palestinian patients and health-care workers have left Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital after claiming to be “forced” out by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) at gunpoint and given just one hour to leave. Though the IDF have denied this claim, they have occupied the health institution since Thursday.

Shifa has been a primary target of Israel’s, in the country’s vow to destroy Hamas militants who killed hundreds of innocent people on Oct. 7. Israeli officials claim that the hospital sits above a Hamas command center, where the Palestinian militants allegedly operate. Mike Armstrong reports.

And, after a Global News investigation found evidence that Canada has become a safe haven for affiliates of the Islamic Republic of Iran — who are allegedly threatening the lives of Iranian-Canadians and other dissidents in the country — our Mercedes Stephenson spoke with Masih Alinejad, an Iranian-American activist about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “empty words” regarding the concerns.

Over in Vancouver, Heather Yourex-West speaks with economists about a potential mortgage rate decrease in the near future, after a what some are calling a “peak” in interest rates. Soaring numbers since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic have left Canadians either struggling to pay their mortgages, or simply unable to enter the housing market. Though they likely won’t fall as low as they did during the pandemic, relief is supposedly on the horizon.

Ahead of their presidential election, a volatile political crossroads is rocking Argentina. Though he won the country’s first round of voting, centrist politician Sergio Massa has seen a whopping 150 per cent increase in inflation in his time as finance minister, leaving four out of 10 Argentinians under the poverty line. Former TV host and far-right libertarian, Javier Milei, on the other hand, is promising massive cuts to his supporters. No matter the victor, the country’s next leader will need to figure out an economy on the brink. Mike Drolet has the details.

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  1. Hamas is underground following civilians using them as shields. Israel found 2 dead hostages at the hospital area. Then Israel dug up the buried bodies the hospital buried in a mass grave. Probably to see if there were more dead hostages.

  2. They are pushing their bogus message while demolishing a hospital and denying the war crimes they committed. Where exactly is the tunnel that connects the hospital to the Hamas base? False information is being spread by the IDF

  3. The reason for our disapproval is straightforward: we harbor no fondness for the Brotherhood. Canada and the USA are founded on principles rooted in Catholic and Christian values, and that's a fundamental aspect of our identity. If one adheres to Islam, it might be advisable to consider relocating to a country like Iran where the predominant beliefs align more closely. It's important to note that our initial compassion waned when we discovered weapons strategically placed in hospitals, schools, and even beneath children's beds. Additionally, our military is easily identifiable, unlike those who dress as civilians yet express grievances when non-combatants inadvertently become involved.

  4. It is not true that Israel ordered the evacuation; the order came from the hospital chief administrator. Why is it so easy for everyone in the west to believe the reports coming from the Gaza Health Ministry regarding the number of deaths and the actions of the IDF, when you know everything in Gaza is run by Hamas? Hamas are terrorists; brutal murderers and rapists. Do you actually believe terrorist whose main objective is the annihilation of Israel to tell the truth? And are known proxies of Iran

  5. Israel always says NO Negotiating ! BUT they go soft about hostages especially in the past ! That is why hamas took so many hostages. Example, 1 Israeli soldier for 1,000 hamas prisoners released. Some of those 1,000 are now the Leaders of hamas ! Sinwar !! Now Israel has to face the Truth !!

  6. believed to be held by Hamas?????
    so many inaccuracies and false info this is too much!!! Hamas admits holding the hostages.
    we all have family and friends murdered and kidnapped by this evil brainwashed monsters, kids and elderly, peace loving people who did nothing to deserve this atrocity.

    shame on you for favouring brutal murders by giving them a benefit of a false doubt!!!

  7. (my opinion as Palestinian) American tax payers must remember that their money are converted to bombs delivered to Israel under Biden's slogan Israel has to defend itself. He is Flattering Jewish community to win the election that he may not reach.

  8. Israel is committing genocide and has been for weeks. Sickened by the west supporting Israel in this endeavor. US quit supporting this and get out of the middle east. I wonder if the US citizens realize that the US provides millions to Israel even without unrest.

  9. If Israeli prime minister considers all Hamas members outside Gaza (Lebanon & Qatar)dead man and knowing that IDF has the capability to do so, then this could brake into a regional conflict and may risk the lives of Israelis citizens living in the countries where Hamas members are and also around the world as we have seen the increase in the number of pro-Palestine protest globally where some protests are waving Hamas flags.
    This could also be used as an excuse to fuel the action of the speech given by radical Muslim brotherhood leaders for its members living around the world to cause violence against Jewish people.


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