Dozens killed by Israeli strike on UN-run school in northern Gaza, Health Ministry says



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Amid Israel’s ground offensive there are fresh air strikes that have hit a United Nations run School in Northern Gaza at a refugee camp hundreds of people are believed to be taking shelter there fleeing Israeli attacks cbc’s Ellen Morrow is in Jerusalem and is tracking that part of the story well we are

Seeing these reports Natasha of a deadly blast uh in jabalia that’s hit a un run School turn shelter where as you said hundreds of people are believed to be Sheltering now there’s still a lot we don’t know at this hour uh the Hamas run Gaza Health Ministry says at least 50

People uh were killed in the blast we have seen some video emerging purporting to show the aftermath of the blast and it is incredibly uh horrific dead bodies lying amidst broken glass uh and damage from the building and we have had a reaction from the UN from unra which is

The largest Aid agency in Gaz that operates uh that school turn shelter we can show you what we’re hearing from the head of that agency uh he wrote receiving horrifying images and footage of scores of people killed and injured in another unrest School Sheltering thousands of displaced in the north of

The Gaza Strip these attacks cannot become commonplace they must stop a humanitarian ceasefire cannot wait any longer and several uh un facilities have been damaged throughout this war that’s what he’s referring to this Tweet now in terms of exactly what happened it’s still unclear at this hour we’re waiting

For more detail from the Israel Defense Forces uh there was a tweet that they posted that references jabalia saying that forces were operating in the jabalia area that there was fighting there and that they eliminated uh eliminated uh Hamas infrastructure but again in terms of what’s happened

Exactly with that blast it is still clear uh Israel has hit jabalia uh earlier in the War uh with air strikes that Israel says uh took out Hamas infrastructure and Fighters but it was criticized for those strikes the UN at the time saying they could amount to possible war crimes given the

Devastating uh effect that those strikes had on civilians Ellen so much of the coverage today is focused on that school on the refugee camp but as you know for days and days we’ve been talking about the alifa hospital and The Wider complex around it and the growing humanitarian

Crisis there what can you tell us about that today well hundreds of people uh patients and people who were Sheltering at Al shaa Hospital have appeared to have evacuated the facility we’ve seen some pictures emerging of them evacuating on foot those who were able to because remember there are critically

Injured and sick people at that hospital now it’s a little unclear what exactly promp prompted this evacuation uh this morning doctors at Al shifa as well as the Gaza Health Ministry run by Hamas were putting out statements saying that Israel had given just one hour’s notice for people to evacuate the hospital

Causing panic at the hospital uh Israel said something different it denied giving an evacuation order and said that it was uh operating under a request from the hospital Administration to help people get out so conflicting narratives there what we can say is that some people have left U moving to the South

Where they’ll go once they get to the South is incredibly un unclear shelters are overrun uh there’s overcrowded tent cities as you said uh Israel is asking people to move from some areas of the South so it is very unclear where those people are going to go uh and patients

Still remain at the facility a doctor there says about a hundred patients remain critically ill who can’t evacuate on foot as well as those newborn babies who we’ve been speaking so much about it’s just obviously too unsafe to move those people without ambulances they can’t do it so the dire humanitarian

Situation at that hospital remains for those patients just a few doctors left to search uh to treat them Israeli troops remain at Al shifa Natasha looking for more evidence they say of of Hamas operating at the facility cbc’s Ellen morrow in Jerusalem

Israeli air raids have killed dozens of people at a school run by the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) in Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, officials at the Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza said. 

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