Decline in vaccine rates contributing to rising measles cases, doctors warn



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Doctors are sounding the alarm about the rise in measles cases thought to be all but eradicated in many countries several leading health organizations say measles is making a staggering comeback and children are bearing the brunt of the highly contagious virus ctv’s Allison Bamford reports what should be a rare disease

Thanks to immunizations is picking up steam around the world measles typically start with a fever cough or runny nose with The Telltale rash appearing days after the first symptoms measles is the most infectious virus that’s known to man stats from the World Health Organization show large measles outbreaks recorded in 37 countries last

Year as a result Global cases jumped 18% to 9 million resulting in 136,000 deaths mostly among children in lowincome countries in Canada the latest Federal data shows three Active cases of measles in the country 10 cases have been reported all year that’s up from a total of three cases in 2022 and zero

Reported in 2021 experts say most of Canada’s cases are imported into the country by Travelers the key thing here is to prevent secondary transmission within the country and obviously provide impeccable care to people who are uh Landing in Canada with with measles infections the disease is is highly

Preventable with two doses of vaccine typically administered as routine childhood vaccinations but the CDC says the Staggering increase in cases is not unexpected given years of declining vaccination rates doctors believe vaccine hesitancy brought on by the pandemic is a contributing factor we really have a lot of work to do to

Convince people of the safety of these vaccines and certainly there’s a long history of measles vaccines being given and being well tolerated while measles can be deadly experts say even for those who survive the effects are far-reaching the disease can damage a person’s immune system and pre-existing immune memory

Which means other illnesses could be that much harder to fight off Allison Bamford CTV News Regina

Doctors are sounding the alarm about a rise in measles cases. Allison Bamford has the details.

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