Death of prominent Que. organized crime figure sparks fear of escalating violence



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He was powerful connected and today Gregory woolly was gunned down in a parking lot a figure in Montreal organized crime for decades Wily’s death is escalating fears of more violence to come ctv’s Olivia omali reports reputed influential organized crime figure Gregory woly was killed in broad daylight according to CTV News sources

The C dubec says local police received reports of gunfire in this Sanu parking lot near a clsc around 10:30 this morning when they arrive a man in his 50 was transported to the hospital where he was uh declar dead Provincial Police have taken over the investigation while they are not confirming the victim’s

Identity the death they say maybe linked to organized crime Gregory wooly was one of the most fascinating and Powerful members of Montreal’s organized crime scene investigative journalist Julian Sher says wooly was a rare figure in the the underworld Sher says the 51-year-old was associated with the Hell’s Angels

And Maurice mé during the 1990s biker Wars as well as the Italian mafia and street gangs he was a a black member of a Hill’s Angels uh support group called The Rockers when the Hell’s Angels usually don’t accept uh non-whites um he was tied to veto rosuto uh The Godfather

Of of the mafia sherff says wooly had the smarts to rise to the top in 2018 he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for gangsterism and drug trafficking but was released on bail in 2020 he was powerful so somebody equally powerful decided to take him out police are still looking

For a shooter who they say fled in a black SUV shortly after the shooting a burned out vehicle was found in Montreal and police are looking into a possible link with the death Danielle Reno is the police and organized crime reporter at La press and says woolly was considered among the top

Organized crime members in Montreal says there will likely be repercussions following woolly’s death and experts believe it could be the start of a potentially violent period ahead Olivia omali CTV News s

The death of an influential figure in Montreal’s organized crime scene is escalating fears of more violence to come. Olivia O’Malley reports

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