CTV National News | Friday, November 17, 2023: Growing crisis in Gaza


Tonight thousands in Gaza pushed to the brink of starvation as Aid agencies plead for more help Water Runs Out disease runs rampant and the war shows no signs of letting up reminiscent of the worst possible times in history Israel allowing more fuel into the strip as loved ones bid a final

Farewell to a soldier held by Hamas a record setting drug bust it is the single largest seizure of crystal methamphetamine and powder cocaine the $90 million seizure and why some say it’s merely a dent plus all roads lead to the Hammer I came back specifically so I didn’t

Misses festivities kick off ahead of the 110th break hub CTV national news with Omar saaden reporting tonight Heather Wright good evening hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza are nearing starvation according to the United Nations today fuel shortages halted Aid shipments and blacked out some Communications as Palestinian Network

Operators say they are struggling to Power phone and internet systems Israel released this video today claiming to show the destruction of an Islamic Jihad weapons plant as signs suggest a ground Invasion into the South may be imminent at alifa hospital soldiers spent a third day combing through the complex looking

For more evidence to prove its claim that Hamas was operating from within the hospital and it was near alifa that the bodies of two Israeli hostages have been found a 19-year-old Soldier and a 65-year-old grandmother who was battling cancer she was everything to me to her family Israel said today it

Will allow some fuel into Gaza to help power water and sewage plants as concerns of the spread of disease grow ctv’s Vanessa Lee starts us off desperate gazin line up for food fearing a slow death the humanitarian crisis is growing more Urgent by the hour Aid agencies say

Starvation is imminent and so is the spread of disease they estimate 70% % of the population is drinking contaminated water what has happened to us there is no water no electricity we are sleeping on the floor and our children are suffering she says this Canadian family says the

Decision to leave their home in Gaza was excruciating forced to pick between bringing their two daughters to safety and leaving their parents and other family members behind we have uh a huge feeling of guilt and uh shame that uh we lift everyone that we love Israeli troops are meticulously

Searching gaza’s largest hospital for the third day in a row after releasing this video showing a tunnel shaft they say leads to a Hamas command post under the complex and this is where they choose to hide everything Hamas and medical officials are denying the claims the United Nations is calling on Israel

To allow their teams in to investigate the US is confident there are tunnels under the hospital so this is one of the Monstrous practices that Hamas engages in abducted by Hamas on October 7th today Israeli soldier Corporal Noah Marciano was laid to rest her body was found near the alifa hospital she was

Just 19 years old her mother says we’re asking for your forgiveness you protected us but we failed in protecting you Ottawa says another nine people with links to Canada made it out of the Gaza Strip today as prime minister Justin Trudeau continues to urge Israel to exercise maximum

Restraint Heather all right Vanessa Lee in Montreal thank you police in Toronto are investigating a bomb threat made to a Jewish High School the second time the school has been threatened in just over over a month hundreds of students at tanom Community Hebrew Academy were sent home today after the school

Administration received a message late this morning police say the threat appears to be unsubstantiated across North America and indeed the world there has been a surge in hate crimes against both Jewish and Muslim communities yesterday an Islamic community center in mosque north of Toronto was also evacuated because of a

Bomb threat 21 leaders of Pacific Rim nations are now on their way home after the Apex Summit in San Francisco wrapped up today Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held meetings with six different nations but is facing questions about the meetings that didn’t happen ctv’s Judy Trin reports from San

Francisco Canada’s trade with China is more than $100 billion doll a year yet the Prime Minister only interacted with President Xi Jinping for seconds in addition to saying uh hello to president she talked about how we need to keep our uh officials and teams working together to try and create constructive dialogue

Meanwhile US President Joe Biden met with shei for four hours the two leaders agreed to continue to cooperate and compete while pursuing their economic aims a strategy Canada will also follow but unlike Biden Trudeau did not call she a dictator he’s a dictator in the

Sense that he he is a guy who runs a country that is part of this country that based on former government totally different than ours we can get into all sorts of different uh uh definitions the fact is he’s not running a democracy it’s an authoritarian State the Endo Pacific economic framework Australia

Brunai Fiji our closest Ally also cut us out of a Washington Le initiative to bolster trade with India 13 Apec nations were invited to join but not Canada it comes amid tensions over the prime minister’s allegations that the Indian government was involved in the killing of a sick activist on Canadian soil and

If America leaves us on the outside of something as important to them as the indopacific economic framework it suggests that that they didn’t want us there Trudeau did have FaceTime with six other ape leaders including Japan and Australia but no announcements came out of those meetings this trip is about

Engaging constructively with Partners across across the Indo Pacific for the benefit of Canadians uh if you don’t think that doing good work with people across in the IND Pacific is uh is news well that’s that’s a reflection the media has to take at this year’s Summit the Americans have stabilized their

Relationship with China and strengthen their ties with India but Canada’s relationship with those same two Nations remains on the Rocks Judy Tren CTV News San Francisco the largest bust of cocaine and methamphetamine in Toronto police history was put on display today hundreds of kilogram of drugs seized as

Part of a three-month investigation but tonight there are questions about the dent this will actually make in the market ctv’s Beth mcdanel reports in all the drugs seized weigh more than 990 kg and have a street value of $90 million towering on the table and floor blocks upon blocks of packaged cocaine and

Dozens of bags of crystal methamphetamine it is the single largest season seure of crystal methamphetamine and powder cocaine in the history of the Tonto Police Service this October after a 3 and a half month investigation members of the Toronto police organized crime enforcement Drug Squad an organized crime task force executed

Several seor along with an interception at the border seven people all from the GTA fa numerous trafficking charges officers say the people arrested are alleged to be runners or highlevel Runners of the illegal drugs in criminal organizations police say drugs like this come from the south into Canada from the

US and were destined for the streets of Toronto and beyond their presence would inflict significant damage from a public safety standpoint and to those suffering from addictions I’m going to suggest and that this is all high level Purity and to your point it would be added later so

We know that Crystal cocaine mixed with fentanyl other opioid analogs um Etc that’s where the toxicity comes in and that’s where the danger to our public Lies We have seen no relationship between these drug busts and the actual uh contaminants and and opioids and other drugs that are circulating in the

Drug Market Dan WB questions where the evidence is on Buss making a difference in the drug market for years he’s done work evaluating the impact of Toronto’s drug checking service which studies what’s in street drugs the more pressure you impose on the market the more the market uh accelerates and innovates to

Avoid that pressure you know we’ve seen a a legal drug Market that shifted from heroin to F to fentanyl fentanyl is you know magnitudes more potent worb says it goes beyond police to end the overdose crisis arguing the government has a responsibility to regulate the market and take it away from drug trafficking

Organizations Beth Mell CTV News Toronto tto he was powerful connected and today Gregory wooly was gunned down in a parking lot a figure in Montreal organized crime for decades Wily’s death is escalating fears of more violence to come ctv’s Olivia om Ali reports reputed influential organized crime figure

Gregory wooly was killed in broad daylight according to CTV News sources the cbec says local police received reports of gunfire in this Sanu parking lot near a clsc around 10:30 this morning when they arrive a man in his 50 was transported to the hospital where he was uh declared dead Provincial Police

Have taken over the investigation while they are not confirming the victim’s identity the death they say may be linked to organized crime Gregory woolly was one of the most fascinating and Powerful members of Montreal’s organized crime scene investigative journalist Julian Sher says wooly was was a rare

Figure in the Underworld Sher says the 51-year-old was associated with the Hell’s Angels and morrice mé during the 1990s biker Wars as well as the Italian mafia and street gangs he was a a black member of a Hells Angels uh support group called The Rockers when the Hells

Angels usually don’t accept uh non whites um he was tied to Vito rosuto uh The Godfather of of the mafia sherff says wooly had the smarts to rise to the top in 2018 he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for gangsterism and drug trafficking but was released on bail in

2020 he was powerful so somebody equally powerful decided to take him out police are still looking for a shooter who they say fled in a black SUV shortly after the shooting a burned out vehicle was found in Montreal and police are looking into a possible link with the death

Daniel Reno is the police and organized crime reporter at La press and says wooly was considered among the top organized crime members in Montreal REO says there will likely be repercussions following Wooly’s death and experts believe it could be the start of a potentially violent period ahead Olivia omali CTV News

S doctors are sounding the alarm about the rise in measles cases thought to be all but eradicated in many countries several leading health organizations say measles is making a staggering comeback and children are bearing the brunt of the highly contagious virus ctv’s Allison Bamford reports what should be a rare disease

Thanks to immunizations is picking up steam around the world measles typically start with a fever cough or runny nose with The Telltale rash appearing days after the first symptoms measles is the most infectious virus that’s known to man stats from the World Health Organization show large measles outbreaks recorded in 37 countries last

Year as a result Global cases jumped 18% to 9 million resulting in 136,000 deaths mostly among children in lowincome countries in Canada the latest Federal data shows three Active cases of measles in the country 10 cases have been reported all year that’s up from a total of three cases in 2022 and zero

Reported in 2021 experts say most of Canada’s cases are imported into the country by Travelers the key thing here is to prevent secondary transmission within the country and obviously provide impeccable care to people who are uh Landing in Canada with with measles infections the disease is highly preventable with two doses of vaccine

Typically administered as routine childhood vaccinations but the CDC says the Staggering increase in cases is not unexpected given years of declining vaccination rates doctors believe vaccine hesitancy brought on by the pandemic is a contributing factor we really have a lot of work to do to convince people the safety of these

Vaccines and certainly there’s a long history of measles vaccines being given and being well tolerated while measles can be deadly experts say even for those who survive the effects are far-reaching the disease can damage a person’s immune system and pre-existing immune memory which means other illnesses could be

That much harder to fight off Allison Bamford CTV News Regina coming up what phones are doing to kids brains children want scream for as long as 13 hours a day anxiety depression and calls for kids to put down the device plus touchdown in Hamilton as gray cup weekend gets under Way there’s a new warning tonight about screen time researchers say spending hours scrolling through social media is taking a long-term toll on young people’s mental health ctv’s Garrett Barry reports it’s no secret that many teenagers are hooked on their phones but new Canadian data is surprising even researchers parents were reporting that

Their children were on screens for on average about six hours a day with some parents reporting their children were on screens for as long as 13 hours a day this was at the start of the pandemic when school shutdowns forced classrooms online but researcher Emma Dean said

Three years later screen time is still very high are children who are checking their phone constantly that this is activating brain reges involved in reward but also punishment new research from Western University highlights High screen time is correlated with anxiety and depression in school AED children

Some more than others I said that some children were hit very hard during the pandemic and our early research is now pointing to some children who may have mental health issues that have been undag for pediatricians like Dr Michelle Ponte this is further evidence for what they

See in their office every day we’re seeing anxious kids depressed kids we’re seeing kids with body image issues and eating disorders walk through our office doors every single day she’s part of the Canadian pediatric society’s digital Health task force who today called on the federal government to step in it’s

Much bigger than the individual parent and child and family it’s much bigger than that so we’re really call calling on policy makers to have tighter regulations and restrictions on what apps are appropriate for kids as for steps that parents can take right now to try to reduce their children’s

Screen time Dr Ponte suggests try sticking to one strategy like taking phones out of bedrooms Garrett Barry CTV News St John’s still ahead how low can you go looking for deals that’s it just it’s like checking all the Black Friday sales many holiday Shoppers looking for a hard bargain in tough Times is the season of giving but many Canadians are adjusting their holiday budgets with inflation and the cost of living still high CTV Scott Hurst has more the top item on consumers wish list this time of year value uh we’re cutting back a lot inflation and interest rates are limiting holiday spending cheer

Shoppers are edgy and uneasy and they’re going to be doing a lot of different little things to try and uh stretch a budget as far as they can go Shoppers are making a list checking it twice and realizing there’s not much left to go around a day-to-day expenditures have

Gone through the roof things are tough these days and inflation causing to close up buets retailers are expecting consumers to scale back their spending a new report on the holiday retail Outlook shows analysts are expecting an 11% drop in spending with more than seven in 10 Shoppers hyperfocused on scanning for

Sales this year we’re seeing people acknowledge that in the climate we’re in we’re not likely to spend as much so with consumers keeping a closer eye on every Looney retailers will have to do more to convin convince them to give up their hard-earned dollars Black Friday deals are already out there but the

Stores may be limited with how low they can go we’ve come to know that the the door Crashers are not going to be every item in store it’s a limited number but they’re expecting some deals bracing to pay more Shoppers will have to be Savvy and selective looking for deals that’s

It just like checking all the Black Friday sales and that means putting in the work going to more stores or visiting more websites to find the lowest prices Scott Hurst CTV News Toronto Formula 1 is taking over Las Vegas this weekend the world famous strip transformed into a track ahead of

Saturday’s late night race an estimated $500 million has been spent to get Vegas ready for its first Grand Prix in 41 years but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing practice was interrupted late last night when Carlos signs Jr’s Ferrari hit a water valve cover and

Repairs had to be made to the track the underside of signs Ferrari also had significant damage after the break countdown to kickoff Hamilton gets set to host the biggest football spectacle in the Nation this weekend marks the 110th grade cup but before kickoff on Sunday there are plenty of festivities to take in as Football Fanatics flock to Hamilton Ontario ctv’s Adrien griel reports in the city affectionately known as the hammer football is in their DNA I can’t tell who who do you support uh you

Have to guess welcome to gr cup weekend in Canada’s Steel City we’re fans from all corners of of the country are congregating I’m from glad so Manitoba to bond over their love of pig skin and an old CFL Pastime anybody but the Argonauts nowhere can I

Wear a button like this and not get into a fight Argos Hamilton just hosted the Great Cup in 2021 and some may be wondering why they’re getting it yet again well the answer is quite simple it was in the midst of the pandemic and they didn’t

Get to host a proper celebration it’s a party you’re here for it yeah inside the fan zone is where you’ll find the Calgary gray cup committee who travel to each Championship weekend to cook up sausages and pancakes Sai adley has been flipping Flapjacks for 48 years you spent half your life making pancakes

At each great cup I admit a lot what’s the secret good stove good batter and good company I’m in Australia right now for work and I came back specifically so I didn’t miss this for Father and Son Duo Kevin and Barry Ryan gr cup weekend marks an annual pilgrimage you took your

Dad to the great Cup in 2001 in Montreal and you’ve been going ever since yes two decades of Cups and Counting 2002 so we’ve been to everyone you’re running out of leg space there’s still a game to be played on Sunday when the Montreal alett lock horns with the Winnipeg Blue

Bombers on the grid iron at Tim Horton’s field did you fly from Winnipeg Neil we did the drive we drove through the states 24 hours straight for many here this weekend is about football but it’s also about coming together as a country for a cup of good cheer it’s getting to

See part of the country just mingling with fans who love this game doesn’t matter who’s playing everyone’s wearing their team colors and Here for a Good Time It’s Canada Adrian griel CTV News Hamilton all right that is it for us tonight I’m Heather rght for Omar and

All of us at CTV National news thank you for watching Heather buts will be here tomorrow good night and have a great Weekend

The humanitarian crisis grows in Gaza, Trudeau and other leaders meet at APEC, and Toronto police announce a massive drug bust.

0:00 Growing humanitarian crisis
5:00 Trudeau, Xi at APEC
7:30 Large drug bust in Toronto
10:00 Organized crime leader killed
12:10 Rise in measles cases
15:15 Effects of high screen time
17: 43 Limited holiday spending
20:25 Football fans flock to Hamilton

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