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It’s been a turbulent day for artificial intelligence Company open AI CEO and co-founder Sam Altman has been ousted by the company’s board and just this hour the president of open aai announced he is quitting after the board’s decision the board says a recent review found Altman was quote not consistently candid

With his Communications Altman issued a statement on X saying he hoped his time at open aai was as transformative for the world as it was for him Alman helped launch the company as a nonprofit research laboratory in 2015 since then the company has gone on to make chat GPT

One of the most popular AI tools Altman had been very vocal in recent years about the need for guard rails to protect Humanity from artificial intelligence let’s continue this conversation now with Matt binder he’s a technology reporter at Mashable and we’ve reached him in New York Matt thank

You for joining us tonight oh thanks for having me pleasure to be here all right Matt let’s start with your reaction to this news the board saying Sam was not consistently candid in his Communications with them what do you make of all of this well we just don’t know yet

Actually it’s very shocking because uh Sam Alman has you know been the face of open Ai and open AI has sort of positioned themselves as the you know the the I guess the apple of uh smartphones or the Microsoft of PCS they are the the the the big company in this

New emerging artificial intelligence space uh and Altman you know was just out there about a a week a week and a half ago at uh open ai’s big event where they announced all these big new features that have uh brought tons of new attention to uh open AI they

Announced a new language model uh gp4 turbo they announced a new Marketplace which is sort of like an app store for chat GPT so this Friday night announcement sort of came as a shock uh and the fact that they did it so abruptly and in that wording that you

Just shared uh makes it seem like they felt like they they whatever it is that uh they they say Altman did uh they needed to break ties with him immediately and along with Altman open AI said in their post this afternoon that Greg Brockman would be stepping

Down as board chairman uh but remain at the company but we just received news that Greg Brockman has now quit what do you make of that move right it seems like that that move being that the board didn’t remove him that that move was basically uh him uh

Quitting in protest it seems like he probably doesn’t agree with uh Sam Alman being removed from the company the two of them have been working together there uh for a number of years now together and so that’s what that seems like to me I’m not sure if there’s anything more to

Brockman leaving then other than the fact that uh Altman has been removed can you help us understand who Sam was to open Ai and and what his vision was for this company right so Alman joined the company and took over as CEO in around

2020 uh he had come from uh uh a uh startup fund that basically helps fund a lot of these smaller companies that are just starting in the tech space and he had positioned himself really not just as the you know the obviously the head

Of open AI but sort of the face of the uh AI scene um you know when uh here in the U when Congress held its uh first hearings on artificial intelligence and possible uh regulation on this emerging space Alman was the guy they had as the the person they uh Pro providing

Testimony at the hearing so he you know he sort of positioned himself I made the uh the analogy before with apple and Microsoft Alman was really trying to position himself as like the the uh Steve Jobs or Bill Gates of the AI space and we know he’s been outspoken about

The potential dangers of AI how important was it to you know have someone in his position bringing awareness to some of those issues right I think it’s important but I’m also I was always hesitant about um what his concerns were because they were very promotional that you know the AI

Was going to be so powerful that people would lose their jobs and you you had again Congress people here asking him about you know um Terminator like situations where the computers would take over so it didn’t seem like you know his his concerns were were very founded in the uh other people critics

In the AI spaces concerns which is primarily you know um uh copyright concerns from artists and writers whose material could be plagiarized by these AI uh chat Bots and also you know he he’s running the company and so someone in his position asking for regulation is probably going to lobby for regulation

That is uh you know more consiliary to his organization well moving forward open AI has said that the company’s Chief technology officer will serve as the interim CEO while the company looks for a permanent candidate um what can you tell us about who that person

Is right so Mira Madi she’s the uh she was the CTO the chief technology officer at open Ai and now like you mentioned she’s the interim CEO she’s been with the company since uh 2018 and she she’s in her mid-30s quickly moved up the ranks she used to she used to work at

Tesla uh and she worked on the model X uh vehicle over there when she was there she she seems like um someone who has been more Hands-On with uh chat GPT for example she was there for the creation of it uh you know that’s open ai’s biggest and Flagship product uh she

Seems like she’s been more Hands-On than Sam Alman she has an engineering background uh so it’ll be certainly interesting to see how she runs the company uh she has like all man been out there talking about how the AI space needs regulation uh you know I shared

The concerns about someone in the space uh you know leading that charge but it remains to be seen how she runs the company we we’ll have to just uh keep our our eyes open and keep a tab on how open AI is going forward for sure we’ll

Definitely be keeping tabs on this story Matt Bender thank you so much for uh providing some of this Insight uh as this story breaks tonight thanks for having me Matt Bender is a technology reporter at Mashable and we reached him in New York

OpenAI CEO and co-founder Sam Altman was fired by the company’s board of directors. In a statement confirming the news, the board said a recent review found Altman was ‘not consistently candid in his communications.’ Matt Binder, a technology reporter at Mashable, reacts to what he calls shocking news.

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