Captain Canada’s journey from Steinbach to Vegas for Worlds – The Carillon

Captain Canada flies from Steinbach to Vegas for Worlds – The Carillon


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“Meet Luke Penner, the top Canadian pilot at the 15th World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in Las Vegas. As the captain for Team Canada, he led his team to a commendable fourth-place finish behind France, Romania, and the United States. But there’s more to this thrilling experience than just competition and rankings.”

Flying with the Best

“This was not just another flying experience for Luke and Team Canada. It was the first time they were performing in front of European judges, and the different grading system had an impact on their scores. Despite a penalty that left him at 20th place, Luke remains proud of his performance and looks forward to implementing lessons learned in future events.”

The Spirit of Camaraderie

“Beyond the competition, Luke Penner emphasized the camaraderie and teamwork displayed by different national teams at the event. The sense of teamwork and collaboration was particularly strong among Team Canada, leading to a welcoming and inclusive environment at their tent. Their bond made them stand out among the 17 other national teams present.”

The Ultimate Goal

“Reflecting on his experience at the 15th World Advanced Aerobatic Championships, Luke Penner is already setting his sights on the future. He plans to take the next step on the world stage by competing at the highest level of aerobatic competition: unlimited. His ambition isn’t just personal, as it would mark the first Canadian team to achieve such a feat.”

In Conclusion

As we celebrate Luke Penner’s remarkable achievement at the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships, it’s important to recognize the collective spirit of international collaboration and competition that makes events like these truly exceptional. Through teamwork, perseverance, and a hunger for greater accomplishments, the world of aviation continues to soar to new heights.


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