Canadian politicians turn a blind eye to rising antisemitism



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As I mentioned a thousand Jews from Canada’s largest Jewish High School were evacuated because there was a bomb threat here’s a copy of the threat itself um whether or not it was a hoax uh it looks like it was a hoax but that still has the desired effect of

Terrorizing and terrifying a thousand students and their parents the whole place was evacuated the kids were taken to a nearby C ogue to shelter in place and uh not a peep from Justin Trudeau as at the hour I’m recording this he’s busy hobnobbing with well looking by his Twitter feed the world’s worst

Anti-semites with anoir Ibrahim he said the president of Malaysia now who has a an atrocious track record of saying anti-semitic things but of course let me ask you if the largest Muslim High School in Canada had a bomb threat that everyone had to flee do you think Trudeau would ignore the matter it’s

Pretty gross but we’re come sort of used to Trudeau doing that now he was in uh he was asked today about Xi Jinping uh the Chinese dictator who recently visited San Francisco um for a meeting of various world leaders um let me show you two videos back toback here’s Joe Biden being asked

If he believes that Xi Jinping is a dictator and miraculously sleepy Joe actually gets it right after today would you still refer to President Chief as a dictator a term that you used earlier this year well look she is I mean he’s a dictator in

The sense that he he is a guy who runs a country that is part of this country that based on former government totally different than ours so Joe Biden who has an enormous and important relationship with China says yeah he’s a dictator Justin Trudeau that fool that coward who

Had two Canadians held his hostage for nearly three years when he was asked the same questions he refused to say that that Xi Jinping was a dictator look at this atrocious answer Steve Chase GL globin mail would you describe Sean ping as a dictator look China’s a one party State

I don’t think anyone would call it a democracy in 2013 you described China as a basic dictatorship Mr she was already in charge Mr Biden uh president the United States which our secur guarantor also called him a dictator why won’t you call him that listen we can get into all

Sorts of different uh uh definitions the fact is he’s not running a democracy it’s an authoritarian State you know what’s so weird about that is that Trudeau praised China for being a basic dictatorship just a few years ago remember when he told that to a loving group of liberal donors there’s a level

Of of uh admiration I actually have for China um because their you basic dictatorship is allowing them uh to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go greenest fastest we need to start you know investing in solar I mean there is a flexibility that I know

Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he could do everything he wanted uh that I find quite interesting you know Trudeau is harder on the modern democracy the state of Israel than he is on the atrocious dictatorship of China That’s so gross anyways we dispatched a cameraman uh to

The school in Toronto that faced the bomb threat here’s a report on the scene from our reporter Lincoln Jay well this morning the school received an email a threat of explosives in the building uh they immediately called 911 uh police were here within minutes they evacuated

The school and put them uh put the students at Beth emit uh where they were sent home for the day so there’s an all clear here uh there’s no threat uh it was obviously a hoax but it’s still it still occurs at a dangerous time uh where we need

Everybody to tone down the temperature and to make sure toron stay safe and hate free do we know any of the details about where the threat came from anything like that the police are investigating it right now we don’t know where the thread originated from it came in by email

I trust that uh you know I I I trust that police will fully investigate it these are the kind of crimes that you absolutely have to pursue vigorously because when you’ve got people who will go to this Lane you don’t know how far they’ll go you think you’re going to see

A a heightened security police presence at Jewish schools synagogues in the Toronto area well we already have uh we have police at our synagogues we have police at Jewish schools as well as private security some of them are on duty some of their some of them are paid

Duty uh but you know the the the reality is that tens of thousands of dollars every week are being sucked from the Jewish Community to be safe in a city that should be safe and there shouldn’t be this fear in in a city like Toronto so we need politicians from all levels

Of government condemn hate in all its forms to say that there’s zero tolerance and to make sure there’s a strong statement against the roving mobs uh that are singing hateful chants in our downtown final final question SL comment what do you have to say about the fact

That we’re now seeing you know kids in Toronto being you know targeted as a result of of this conflict you know it’s very scary and uh it’s it’s it’s it’s a new it’s a new low uh I don’t know what kind of person would would do this uh it’s shameful

It’s uh it’s hurtful it sends people home uh worried and scared uh and that’s not what we want in Tonto we want people to feel confident that they can go about their daily lives in peace and security and freedom and not be subject to harassment and hate and that’s exactly

What this is well thankfully it was an idol threat but like I say the terror was transmitted Canada is no longer safe and um I think it was trudo himself who sort of gave moral permission to every anti-semite to act out in that way and I can’t just put it all on Trudeau

Although by far he’s been the worst uh Premier and Mayors have most often mean silent too because they can do the same math Trudeau can there are now five times as many Muslim Canadians as there are Jewish Canadians and although I would like to Hope most Muslims don’t support this violence a significant

Number of them do and Trudeau wants their Votes

‘The terror was transmitted, Canada is no longer safe, and I think it was Trudeau himself who sort of gave moral permission to every anti-Semite to act out in that way,’ said Ezra.
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  1. Well just like Tik tok, the Canadian government is owned by the CCP. The CCP backs Iran and many other Middle Eastern countries. The sheer hypocrisy of it is that China absolutely has no tolerance for extremist Islam in its own borders. They have over 1 million Uyghars in concentration camps using that as an excuse

  2. What about the time, when Trudeau went on the CBC, pushing for a major investigation, about a Muslim girl getting her hijab cut with seizers, which lead to a four day investigation by the RCMP over a weekend at double time, only to find out it was a hoax and NO charges laid against the family, that set up the hoax and staged an on air, interview, claiming Islamaphobia, HATE CRIME, at the same time as M103, was passed in Ottawa???

  3. Justin Trudeau has a lot of the white blow up his nose, India sure knows that !
    Justin has know clue about anything, all we get is drama in Canada, from a part time drama teacher in the past.

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