Breaking News: ‘Queen of Canada’ Romana Didulo and her followers abruptly depart Sask. village school after 2 months

'Queen of Canada' Romana Didulo and her followers leave Sask. village school after 2 months


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“QAnon Queen & Followers Leave School After Fire Code Violation, But The Story Isn’t Over”

After over two months staying at a school in Richmound, Saskatchewan, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada” Romana Didulo, along with her QAnon followers, left the school following a fire code violation. Despite resistance, they quickly packed up and moved to a nearby rural area with the landowner’s permission.

Relief was palpable among the villagers, Mayor Brad Miller mentioned his sense of relief at their departure but also emphasized the need to keep pushing the group out. However, the situation isn’t over yet, as the owner of the school, who invited Didulo and her followers, missed his court date for an assault charge, leading to a warrant for his arrest.

**Tension and Threats**

The arrival of the cult in Richmound brought about a lot of unease and apprehensions among residents as their behavior, including taking videos of the locals and sending threatening letters, caused stress and fear. Dr. Christine Sarteschi, an expert in social work and criminology, highlighted the seriousness of the threats, stating that although the group has never carried out violence, their threats should not be dismissed.

On a positive note, the group has stopped filming residents and has been relatively quiet after a protest by the locals, but legal measures are being explored to keep the cult out for good.

In conclusion, the departure of the “QAnon Queen” and her followers is a temporary relief for the villagers. However, the situation remains complex and the need for comprehensive solutions to prevent future threats is still a pressing concern. It’s a sobering reminder of the impact of extremist groups on local communities and the importance of addressing such issues with sensitivity and diligence.


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