Autoworkers overwhelmingly approve contracts with Ford and Stellantis

Autoworkers vote in favour of contracts with Ford, Stellantis

“United Auto Workers Union Ratifies New Contracts with Major Automakers, Shaping the Future of the Auto Industry

The United Auto Workers union has reached agreements with Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors, setting the stage for significant changes across the auto industry. The ratified contracts will not only elevate industry-wide pay but also compel automakers to absorb higher costs and play a role in reshaping the industry as it pivots away from gasoline-fuelled vehicles.

Stellantis Workers Approve Deal after Contentious Labour Dispute

Workers at Stellantis, the manufacturer of popular vehicles like Jeep, Dodge, and Ram, have voted strongly in favour of the deal. This positive outcome has brought an end to a tumultuous labour dispute, which saw name-calling and punishing strikes that imposed high costs on the companies. However, amidst the turmoil, the UAW workers have achieved significant gains in pay and benefits.

Similar Story at Ford

The sentiment at Ford echoes that of Stellantis, with workers voting overwhelmingly in favour of the newly proposed pact. The approval of nearly 69.3 per cent indicates a clear mandate for the new contract, setting the stage for a period of stability and progress.

GM Workers’ Initial Approval

Earlier in the week, General Motors workers also narrowly approved a similar contract, signaling an industry-wide acceptance of the new agreements. These contracts are set to run through April 2028, putting an end to contentious negotiations that began last summer and culminated in six-week-long strikes at all three automakers.

Rising Voices and Prevailing Wins

Shawn Fain, the UAW’s assertive new leader, took a strong stance against the automakers and their alleged overpaid CEOs, declaring the end of union cooperation. After summer-long negotiations failed to yield results, Fain initiated strikes in September,leading to a series of strikes that put pressure on the automakers until a tentative agreement was reached in October.

The UAW’s Persistence Pays Off

The UAW’s resilience and determination have brought about substantial victories, with the companies agreeing to significant pay raises, amounting to a 33 per cent wage increase for top-scale assembly plant workers. Moreover, agreements to end multiple tiers of wages and bring new electric-vehicle battery plants into the national union contract have been reached. This move is not only a win for the UAW, but also paves the way for union representation in an industry poised for significant growth in the coming years.

Conclusion – Shaping the Future of the Auto Industry

The ratification of new contracts with major automakers represents a pivotal moment for the United Auto Workers union and the auto industry as a whole. As the landscape shifts towards electric vehicles and sustainability, these agreements mark a significant step forward in addressing the evolving needs of the industry and its workforce. The inevitable changes brought about by these agreements will likely set the stage for further progress, shaping the future of the auto industry in the years to come.”



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