Argentina presidential election: Citizens uncertain about country’s future amid political divide



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Argentina has found itself out of political Crossroads and it couldn’t be more contentious or volatile it’s incredible that there is no Freedom screamed the supporter of Javier Malay the former TV host turn far right libertarian who has galvanized his supporters with props using a chainsaw to symbolize the

Cuts he’s going to make to government while working his supporters into a frenzy at his Rock starlike rallies Long Live Freedom damn it has become his populous catchphrase which pushed him to second place in last month’s first round of voting surprising many political pundits and what a contrast he is from his

Opponent Sergio Massa the established Centrist politician who won the first round of voting but as Minister of Finance he’s seen inflation rise almost 150% on his watch sending 4 in 10 argentinians under the poverty line the polls show the election is now too close to call and the choice for some isn’t a

Choice at all this man says he’s not voting neither of them he says represents the interests I have for the future of the country what seems certain is that tough times are ahead for a country that’s been edging towards a financial catastrophe for years economists see no other way out than strict austerity

Measures which could negatively impact other South American countries and argentinians will have to decide who they trust more to guide them through it the status quo in Massa or the chainsaw wielding Malay a tough choice the country can’t afford to get wrong Mike trite Global News

Ahead of their presidential election, a volatile political crossroads is rocking Argentina.

Though he won the country’s first round of voting, centrist politician Sergio Massa has seen a whopping 150 per cent increase in inflation in his time as finance minister, leaving four out of 10 Argentinians under the poverty line.

Former TV host and far-right libertarian, Javier Milei, on the other hand, is promising massive cuts to his supporters.

No matter the victor, the country’s next leader will need to figure out an economy on the brink. Global’s Mike Drolet has the details.

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