Al-Shifa patients, staff “evicted,” 34 premature babies left behind: Palestinian Health Minister



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Between loyal staff members, newborn babies and sick and war-wounded patients, a mere 10 per cent of an estimated 1,500 people remain at Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, according to Mai Al-Kaila, a health minister for the Hamas-controlled Palestinian health ministry.

During a press conference on Saturday, Al-Kaila said that Israeli forces — at gunpoint — “evicted” all but 125 patients, 34 “premature babies” and a mere five doctors from the faltering health institution.

“Israeli forces are damaging all wards of the hospital, and the hospital has become a military base, Al Kaila said, further claiming they had transferred corpses from Shifa to an “unknown destination.”

Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari, however, denied these claims in a post shared to ‘X’ on Wednesday. “It should be emphasized that at no point did the IDF ask to evacuate patients or medical teams,” he wrote.

Shifa has been a primary target of Israel’s, in the country’s vow to destroy Hamas militants who killed hundreds of innocent people on Oct. 7. Israeli officials claim that the hospital sits above a Hamas command center, where the Palestinian militants allegedly operate.

Hamas and hospital staff, however, say that Israel’s findings at Shifa — one of the few remaining health care facilities in the Gaza strip — have helped establish no such claims.

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  1. IDF forces continue a targeted operation to locate terrorist infrastructure in Shifa Hospital

    According to the IDF spokesperson on Satuday afternooon, "This morning the IDF responded to the request of the director of Shifa Hospital to allow the evacuation of hospital residents who wish to evacuate from Shifa Hospital towards the humanitarian crossing in the Gaza Strip via a secure route."

    "At the same time, the IDF forces, through the Directorate of Coordination and Liaison to Gaza, delivered during the night over 6,000 liters of water and over 2,300 kg of food rations including fish, canned goods, bread, spreads and dates to the Shifa Hospital."

    "This operation was done at the same time as the IDF's activity to locate and thwart terrorism in the hospital."

  2. Is the same health ministry that claimed Israel had bombed a hospital which has been proven to be a lie? From the evidence something exploded in a parking lot next to the hospital, not the hospital itself – bombs leave craters, rockets being prepared for launch don't – there was no crater.
    How many times will Global "News" use a source that's proven to be a liar and push this misinformation?

  3. Staff have not been evicted. An invitation was offered for any who wanted to leave do so, while aide from Israel is being bought in to replenish supplies for the staff to continue to assist wounded or people to sick to travel.

  4. Here's What You Need to Know Netanyahu's regime has to prove its claim of a command center under the hospital, which obviously means they were guessing when they claimed one existed in the first place. This constitutes the admission of a war crime because the IDF can't do what it did at the Al Shifa hospital without VERIFIED PROOF that a command center lays under the hospital. In fact, as an occupying power, Israel cannot even call upon the war crimes act to defend its actions because Al Shifa is not a hospital controlled by a nation-state, let alone one "at war" with an occupying power.

    War Crime Charges Now Possible Against Israel The passage of the UN Security Council BINDING resolution a few days ago opens the door for the charging of war crimes committed by Israeli civilians and military officials. This is why the IDF is no longer going after Hamas fighters, but is engaged in a Public Relations effort to "discover" (aka "plant") the "evidence" it previously claimed existed 100% under the Al Shifa hospital. Thus the Netanyahu regime is documenting before its own IDF cameras evidence which can be used to prosecute IDF officials at ICC war crime tribunals.

    Go to Al Jazeera English for LIVE 24/7 coverage of events in Gaza.

  5. Those babies hide hamas behind their bodies right! Unbeleivable that the world is watching this with no action! I thought after the holocaust everyone said: NEVER AGAIN. I guess it does not apply to Palestinians…even babies! I guess they are "humsn animals"💔💔

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