Workers at 17 No Frills stores in Ontario could strike as of Monday, union says


Thinking about grocery shopping you may want to make a real run this weekend because workers at 17 No Frill stores in Ontario could be on strike as early as Monday of next week the union that represents them about 12200 workers across the province giving us those details what is happening in Isle 2

Scott is two there’s a there’s a sale on Isle two and uh and this is a pretty bold directive now from uniform lant pan we’ve heard a lot from her she’s negotiator with with the big three the automakers she’s now saying a firing a

Shot at at lbla which is the owner of no FRS to uh that the workers are underpaid and overworked and in a statement saying that L Blas must come to the table prepared to raise wages improve working conditions that the workers deserve decent work and pay and is a simple as

That and this affects about 1,200 workers at those 17 locations that’s about 10% of all the 175 stores across the province in Ontario um but the move comes after workers at lbls rival Metro hammered out a deal for for an extra $150 an hour that was a month-long

Strike the Metro said that cost them $27 million so according to UNI for the average hourly wage uh that a full-time worker is making is $19.89 for a part-time worker it’s $16.95 and the average hourly wage for students working in Limited hours is1 1592 you compare that to uh the an

Tera’s minimum wage is at 1655 and so far lah uh the owner of the big franchise owner of of no fors Etc and Shoppers Drug Mar Etc uh saying that they have no negotiating they’re not negotiating with these employees with unifor directly because it’s a franchise situation so they have to to organize

With the franchise owners and so uh the parent company uh as well posted a a pretty solid profit yesterday up 12% $621 million but the workers potentially a strike we could see happening on Monday on Monday so we’ll see if that parent company uh any impact on its

Stock price today as this gets more and more imminent what else do we watch for on the markets uh we’re watching the the the price of oil it’s down 20% from its recent highs over the summer and despite worries in the Middle East and a big supplier of oil coming from that region

We’re seeing the price continuing down this is because the markets are now worried about growth and not inflation inflation seems to be subdued so there’s another worry out so let’s take a look at the price of oil this morning down below $74 a barrel we got the Canadian

Dollar at 7282 and with the rest of the markets they are sort of in mixed territories they’re trying to digest where is growth and profit coming from so the markets are scratching their heads this morning as we head toward towards at 9:30 morning thank you very much Scott than

The union that represents thousands of grocery store workers in Ontario says employees at 17 No Frills stores across the province could be on strike as early as Monday unless the company steps up with improved compensation and working conditions.

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