Winnipeg fire department quickly puts out house fire on Jubilee Avenue, shares important safety tips

Winnipeg fire crews extinguish Jubilee Avenue housefire, issue safety reminder - Winnipeg


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“It was a scary situation when a house caught fire on Jubilee Avenue in Winnipeg. But thanks to the quick action of a Canada Post employee, everyone is safe. The fire broke out just after noon, when the employee working in the area called 911 to report the blaze, allowing authorities to arrive promptly and put out the fire. Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service (WFPS) said that smoke was coming from a single-family home, and the firefighters were able to gain control and subdue the fire by 12:30 p.m.”

Safety Tips to Prevent Accidental Fires

A subsequent investigation revealed that the fire was caused by accidental smoking materials not being properly disposed of. WFPS took the opportunity to remind residents about fire safety tips while handling smoking materials. These include such essential advice as putting a cigarette out in a proper ashtray, never throwing butts from balconies or car windows, and avoiding the use of a plant pot as an ashtray due to the combustible organic materials it contains.

Helpful Reminder

The incident serves as a helpful reminder that accidents can happen, and everyone should make an effort to follow safety guidelines and be cautious in their daily routines.

The event should prompt us to reflect on the potentially devastating consequences of neglecting fire safety, and motivate us to prioritize safety in our daily routines to help prevent such accidents from happening in the future.”


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