Why won’t Trudeau call China’s Xi Jinping a dictator? #Canada #China #Trudeau #XiJinping



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Would you describe xan ping as a dictator look China is a one-party State I don’t think anyone would call it a democracy in 2013 you described uh China as a basic dictatorship Mr she was already in charge Mr Biden uh the president of United States which is our

Security guarantor also called him a dictator why won’t you call them that listen we can get into all sorts of different uh uh definitions the fact is he’s not running a democracy it’s an authoritarian state

Responding to a reporter’s question about why he won’t call China’s President Xi Jinping a “dictator” despite U.S. President Joe Biden doing so during a speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: “Listen, we can get into all sorts of different definitions. The fact is, he’s not running a democracy. It’s an authoritarian state.” #APEC #APEC 2023 #Canada #China #Trudeau #Xi #Biden

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