Why ‘cotton candy planet’ exoplanet has experts fascinated



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The James web Space Telescope has done it again its latest jaw-dropping Discovery is in a distant constellation 200 light years away Jill mcashan shows us what astronomers have already nicknamed the candy floss Planet it’s a strange world where it smells like struck matches and it rains sand with

Temperatures above 500 degre C wasp 107b has been dubbed the cotton candy planet again ass giant about the size of Jupiter but with less Mass it has allowed astronomers to peer deeper into its atmosphere it’s just very very um fluffy is really the word for it the atmosphere extends out very far and

Those are perfect conditions for the telescopes to be able to find what the those atmospheres are made out of so it’s kind of a perfect Target wasp 107b is one of the latest exoplanets discovered by the James web Space Telescope one of more than 5,000 found

So far its Secrets unlocked by a team of European astronomers they found water vapor and sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere and silicate which the scientists believe evaporates and forms clouds this is a place where it rains sand and I don’t mean there’s a sandstorm I mean that sand evaporates

And goes up and makes clouds and then it rains sand and that’s not something people have thought about a planet more alien than we could have imagined another secret unlocked in our exploration of the universe as scientists continue to use the technology of the James web Space Telescope to find the strange and

Wondrous beyond our own solar system Jill mcashan CTV News Winnipeg

Jill Macyshon reports on what we know about the Jupiter-sized exoplanet recently discovered by the James Webb telescope.

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