What this royal expert thinks about the final season of ‘The Crown’


Set against a background of raw emotion the royal family remains silent what do people want from me for you to be mother to the nation you’ve seen the images on the television Dina gave people what they needed all over the world in their thousands they had daughter for it

Well that was a clip from the highly anticipated Sixth and final season of the crown three episodes have already dropped they’re already getting a lot of attention both reviews are both positive and negative joining me now to discuss is AIA Hagen ctv’s Royal commentator uh AIA do you think we should have a

Spoiler alert before this conversation because we’re going to talk about the content which is already Making Waves we know how the Princess of Wales died nonetheless people are talking about these final episodes that have come out and saying they’re pretty exploitive in Canada One reviewer said watching it was

Was gross the way that her death was dealt with what did you think as you were watching those final three episodes I think definitely we need a spoiler alert let’s say that absolutely first of all in these first four episodes I have to admit and I think

Everybody needs to remember this as we go into watching these episodes that this really blurs the lines of fact and fiction we know the facts of how Princess Diana tragically died in Paris in August 31st 1997 those are the facts that we know we don’t know the conversations that went on between he

Was then Prince Charles and the queen or between Dodie and Diana we do not know any of that stuff and of course that’s the elements that are put in through the dramatization to bring it all together it’s filling in the blanks if you will with artistic license and there’s a lot

Of that in there you know I found at the screen at some point saying that didn’t happen or how can they put that in there I have to remind myself that this is a drama based on where of Di and doie in the car how intrusive that must have been when they

Were you know hounded by photographers and when we when we see these very private moments with Princess Diana with d aled with the way that they felt about each other all the things that they went through before that tragic crash in Paris and because you you also know

What’s going to happen there’s a feeling of trepidation as you’re watching it as well and of course there’s the element of Diana brought back as a ghost as you saw there Diana sitting with the queen that particular scene she has been brought back as a ghost big spoiler Al L

And of course you know I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen but it’s like I said a definite element of voyerism when watching the show but always have to remind myself and everybody should remind themselves that this course is a dramatization it is based on real life events which happen in our lifetime

Which feel very close to home but it’s the filling in of the blanks that I think some people will have a problem with yeah it’s not a documentary it’s not a documentary now what about the fact that um apparently there’s really no regard given to the Good Deeds that

Diana did um in the months even weeks leading up to her tragic death in Paris what did you think of the way that she was portrayed and and what do you hearing there in the UK about how she was portrayed there’s really mixed reviews at the moment there’s absolutely mixed

Reviews uh the actual the first episode opens with the crash now I don’t want to spoil her but it’s handled very elegantly um you know we saw pictures beforehand of uh the car you know that they used for the crown at Crick mashed up look looking like it had been in the

Crash that’s not actually included in uh these first four episodes when it comes to the way that Princess Diana is portrayed let’s say first of all that Elizabeth de Becky as Princess Diana is absolutely incredible and the W up Department have done an incredible job of recreating her look so those two

Elements together she’s absolutely iconic as Princess Diana and you know the headlines at the time she was portrayed as a Loose Cannon as this woman who was you know a threat to the royal family who needed to be shut down in a way and you know when Elizabeth

Becky is as Princess Diana you see her going through those elements you know she’s having conversations with aled he’s talking about the way that he’s portrayed in the media you know the media wrote why can’t Diana just find a nice English boy and then they talk

About you know perhaps we could run away somewhere together like California you know very much mirroring what’s happened recently with Harry and Megan you know so the way that Princess Diana has been portrayed I think definitely will anger some people

SPOILER WARNING: Royal commentator Afua Hagan breaks down what to know about Season 6 of ‘The Crown’ on Netflix.

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  1. I’m am of the position that the only experts that exist about the royals are the royals themselves. Anyone else acting the role is speculating, guessing and presuming they know what’s going on in those peoples lives. I have not watched anything prior to this but had to voice my opinion…..and I don’t believe I’m the only one that feels this way either.


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