Viral ‘Hitler was right’ ad misplaces the blame for antisemitism



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I saw a video yesterday that got some mixed reaction and I watched it and I’ve actually got a lot to say about it I saw it on Twitter and it was introduced um with the following preface um to the cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and posting Hitler was right

You got something you want to say why don’t you say it to our faces and that was written by a guy named Charles Weber who seems like a really nice guy and obviously um he’s against anti-Semitism and against Nazism uh so I was interested in in what he had to say and

The video he referred to uh let me play it for you now it’s not very long it’s only about a minute and a half take a look at this video that he was referring To I saw what you’ve been posting Hitler was right I didn’t teach you that you hide behind your screen spewing all this hatred and ugliness you got something you want to say get out of the truck and say it to their Faces Does anything jump out at you there at the end it said the phrase Hitler was right was posted 70,000 times last year I’m going to disagree with that it was probably posted 7 ,000 times a day this year ever since the October 7th Massacre when hamash terrorist broke into Israel

And basically reenacted uh the worst of the Nazi Holocaust it was actually the worst day for Jewish um death and murder since the Holocaust itself let alone the rape and the hostages and the Stone Age level of barbarism um that was like a starter pistol for this eruption of

Violence anti semitism around the world and it really was in a shocking pgum style I think one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen since October 7th was in the Russian province of dagistan where people heard there was a Jew landing on a plane and they swarmed

The airport broke out on of the tarmac and went Jew hunting [Applause] Allah well there’s been huge mobs like that around the world not quite as violent as that but certainly their language has been menacing uh hundreds of thousands have marched in London England tens of thousands have marched um in Canada and in US cities we sent our reporter Alexa lavard to London

About a week ago and uh I mean here’s one fella that she put a microphone to and he ref he’s a brown skinned Muslim man and Hitler didn’t like non-aryan races but apparently he thought Hitler was right take a listen to this man praise Hitler if the West so sorry for

The Israeli Zionist why don’t they give a place in Germany why don’t they go to Hitler back guarded and make occupation there then they will know what kind of people these are why every so many hundred years the Zionist get slaughtered because Hitler knew how to deal with these people they probably

Made a program so they can create a state of Israel in the expense of Palestinian Muslims blood you know a lot of the language that was used by those protesters was similar even if they didn’t use hit name you’re seeing swastikas turn up in numbers here to for unprecedented the entire uh Canadian

Media freaked out when one agent provocator briefly flashed a swastika flag at the trucker Convoy a year and a half ago and no one could identify him it was clearly a plant the whole country was up in arms I see swastikas at these uh pramas rallies every single day and

The so-called anti-hate and diversity equity and inclusion police have nothing to say about have you seen a single human rights commissioner in this country there’s 14 of them uh 14 different human rights commissions each one of with which have millions of dollars in budget and dozens of Staff

Have you seen a single one of them condemn the river of hate I was thinking about La Maru that um uh anti-hate consultant hired by Justin Trudeau and Ahmed hust and Pablo Rodriguez and um he was finally f for writing some of the most atrocious anti-jew hatred around

Here’s some of his recent tweets he talks about Jew saders which is a madeup word about the Crusades just crazy crazy stuff I put it to you that the anti-racism industry is actually the home of some of the worst racism in the world anyways back to that one minute

Video that I showed you a moment ago you could probably see where I’m going with this that’s not who’s going to these pgum uh Ro marches that’s not who’s saying uh Hitler was right it’s not middle class white guys with their dads in a $60,000 pickup truck Father’s

Son hang it it that’s not who it is I’m not saying there are zero middle class white guys with their Dads uh and the kid says something dumb online like uh Hitler was I’m not saying there’s zero of them I’m just saying I haven’t seen a

Single one and I’ve been looking at the protests either directly from inside them or our reporters that’s not who they are uh and I think that that’s part of the problem is we’re looking with a magnifying glass for there’s such a demand for Nazis on the right and we

Have absolutely missed the fact that the racism the anti-Semitism and frankly anti-white racism is on the left and so let me tell you um what happened to that tweet because I thought that that tweet I mean the guy who wrote it he he was sort of saying yeah man come say that to

My face actually the trouble is these Marchers in London and in Canada the trouble is they are saying it to Jews faces they’re attacking Jews punching Jews um a Jew was killed at a uh pro- isra he was waving a flag in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago and a pro Hamas

Protester hit him he fell down and died and now that pramas protester has being charged with uh manslaughter um every every single day in Canada there are more assaults or shoot UPS um so I I think that tough talk come say that to my face that that’s actually happening I

Think that a shy white guy like in that in that TV ad might not actually have the courage or the hatred to go and say it to a Jew’s face maybe he is an internet Warrior but the trouble is there are far too many anti-semitic haters who are throwing m off cocktails

And synagogues who are shooting things who are punching people and let me read to you a response um by just some I don’t even know who it is on on Twitter who wrote this okay Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that

They claim to want people to stop using against them I’m deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest now about Western Jewish popul ations coming to the disturbing realization that those hordes of minorities that support flooding their country don’t exactly like them too much you want truth said to your face there

It is so that commentator who I’ve I’ve never seen on Twitter before I don’t know who it is is saying the Jewish Lobby groups and that ad was paid for and circulated by a Jewish Lobby group called stop Jewish hate. org it is true that many of the open borders multiculturalism Advocates have

Been Jews and have been Jewish organizations including in Canada now that obviously doesn’t mean every Jew and one of the things I don’t like about the tweet that I just read to you is that it’s sort of a collective guilt Collective punishment I’m a Jew who has

Always called for Less immigration I I call for zero illegal immigration and less legal immigration and the less legal immigration should be vetted for a number of aspects including cultural assimilability do people assimilate and integrate do they agree with our Western liberal values of pluralism non-violence solutions to problems uh separation of

Mosque and state I’ve been saying these things for 20 25 years uh including when I was prosecuted by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for publishing the Danish cartoons of Muhammad so I don’t agree with the broad brush comments that all Jews are guilty of bringing in this

Jewish hate that’s the Nazi concept of sstas the Jews brought it on themselves I don’t subscribe to that but there is a truth to it that suddenly all these liberals and obviously Jewish liberals but liberals too who are shocked just shocked that when they went to B bat for

Open borders immigration with no cultural fit suddenly they’re being devoured or threatened by it so I think that this commentator I just read and is you know I I honestly don’t know his his real name he uh he he goes by the artist formerly known as Eric but what the

Reason I point to his reaction is because Elon Musk replied to him and said you have said the actual truth well that set the cat amongst the pigeons and immediately people said uh-huh Elon Musk you’re anti-semitic we proved it no wonder you’re allowing so much hate speech on Twitter no no that’s

Not true I think that again it’s the people who take out a microscope and a magnifying glass to look for tiny traces of hate on the right who can’t see the the billboard size hate on the Left

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Ezra Levant breaks down a viral ad showing a white father talking to his son about posting ‘Hitler was right’ on social media, encouraging the boy to ‘say it to (Jews) faces’. Instead, as Ezra explains, the antisemitism being carried out across the West is coming from radical leftists.
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  1. This is so unbelievable. If ever there actually was a time to use the "emergency act" it would be towards these weekly riots. I wonder how many witnesses will come out to say the honking, fires, vandalism.. etc. That has been happening now will actually come out to say they can't sleep or eat or stop hearing honking. After watching the court case for the freedom convoy the so called victim/witness made me sick but I bet the riots happening now haven't caused her to file a lawsuit.

  2. Fantastic work on behalf of all of us that care about this crumbling world. I am a Jewish man that lives in the UK and I fear that the west is heading for the end of days. Please keep up your great work. 🙏🇮🇱

  3. Ezra the fact that you admitted that jewish groups are pushing mass immigration into Christian countries surprised me. Im glad you did it shows you have true integrity. I doubted you on that. Keep it up.

  4. I abhor what Hamas had done, it should should never have been, it is disgusting that Women and Children were targeted at a concert, I am also ashamed that Israel is not taking steps to mitigate the loss of civilian life in Gaza while seeking out and destroying Hamas hold outs, hide outs and nerve centers. Women and Children should not be targeted even by our allies. This eye for an eye mentality is doing nothing but perpetuating hate and blinding the world to the fact that we are all people and we are all here on this little ball of dirt floating through space circling our sun, we are here for a short time, and with our finite amount of time we should be doing better to better all of humanity, not have those hoard wealth where it dose no good, we should be doing more to make unlivable areas of the earth livable, forget building indoor ski slopes in Saudi Arabia for the wealthy princes to just have fun, we are failing as stewards of this planet, Climate will change with or with out us and no amount of tax will stop that from happening, climate activists are a blight on humanity, indoctrinated by communist ideals yet they too are benefiting off of petrochemicals to get them to their points of protest, they are the biggest hypocrites pissing off everyone and anyone they come across.

  5. kind of weird when the commercial shows a white family wth this issue when clearly in Canada at the moment the anti Jewish hate is coming from people with dark skin from a foreign country yet they are doing it on our soil.
    Where's the emergencies act ???
    How come there are known Iranian diplomat millionaires who are terrorist sympathizers living in fancy mansions in Canada at this very moment ???

  6. That was the most powerful message I have seen in a very long time! What a video that was. We need to remember that WW2 was a terrible time in human history and that our Parents and Grandparent, Aunts, Uncles, Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters all suffered dearly to help win it. Millions of Jews were massacred and history forever changed. Regardless of who you are or where you're from, you have no excuse for hatred against anybody lest we see another war so horrific. Sometimes we need to just shut up and think before we act.

  7. Pretty sure that guy in the scarf ranting is a Pakistani, I can tell by the accent and really only reason he takes issue is because of the religion. He's not even from the Middle East.

  8. I'm glad that rebel news is deeply embroiled in this…. this provides the world for the example, one specific requirement needed for that embroilment… and that is the failure to retreat/withdraw to see the broader aspect/scope of the war…. (narrowmindedness/tunnel vision)

    But we all know that's now impossible… Rebel, is too far gone. (Created their own blindness)

  9. I see the cesspool in Twitter, TikTok and the rest of the social media but still don't want to end internet anonymity for a simple reason. If there's no anonymity people wouldn't be able to criticize government overreach and violations of civil liberties as much and we can easily lose them together with democracy altogether. Said that, social media can do much more to stop antisemetic posts in their platforms. Much much more.

  10. "frankly, the anti-White racism is on the Left."

    No kidding huh? Well, at least we all agree on that.

    edit; watched the rest and was glad to see you acknowledge the role that Jews played in Marxism, cultural or otherwise and critical theory. Kudos to you Ezra. Obviously there are many other Jews on the right, like yourself, who have acknowledged it, like David Horowitz and Mark Levine. Jews are smart people, of course they're going to be over-represented in certain fields.

  11. The Emergencies Act may be appropriate now, but Trudeau himself support Hamas. The leader of a Western Country supports terrorism. My God, what happened to Canada?

  12. Seriously? A Caucasian father and son in a pickup truck? Those are not the type of people who you should be pointing a finger at. Who paid for this anti-white ad? The A_D_L?

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