Urgent plea to improve ‘atrociously inadequate’ winter shelter plan in Toronto



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Advocates are making an urgent plea to the city to drastically improve its winter shelter plan for Toronto’s homeless population with winter just around the corner the group has a plan of their own they say the city should adopt ctv’s Allison Hurst is standing by with the details Allison the shelter and housing Justice

Network held this morning’s news conference saying that there are major gaps in the city’s winter plan and they’ve proposed their own the city is getting a failing grade on its window win plan for Toronto’s homeless population the city’s winter plan is and has always been atrociously inadequate last month the city announced

Its winter plan which includes adding up to 180 new shelter spaces this winter by reducing the lateral bed separation at select shelter sites activating 170 spaces at four warming centers when temperatures reach minus 5° and open a 24-hour winter respit site with capacity for 40 people there is also one search

Site to be activated when temperatures fall to to -5° or during extreme weather events this is completely unacceptable and it’s a flagrant violation of housing as a human right the group has developed its own winter plan for the city and is calling for the immediate opening of hundreds more beds and Improvement of

The shelter conditions it’s really really tough I have to admit after I I was there for 35 years and it’s really really tough to watch our people die on the streets and not to have housing this year so far like I’ve had frostbit most of this month

Um and it’s it’s tingly and it’s Burns and it’s hard to live with Lynn has been living at the Allen Gardens encampment for a little longer than 2 years I believe some of them need shelters and hotels a a place to be warm um housing housing is a big thing

Um just they need a place to be indoors to be safe and warm the city’s winter plan went into action on Monday according to the city’s website its winter plan is made to be adaptive and can evolve to changing needs reporting live I’m Allison Hurst Nathan back to you

Advocates say there are major gaps in Toronto’s winter shelter plan, called ‘atrociously inadequate’ for the homeless.

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