Trudeau urges Xi to keep China’s communication channels with Canada open

Justin Trudeau appears to avoid China's Xi Jinping

“Relations Between Canada and China: What’s Really Happening?”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently encountered Chinese President Xi Jinping at the annual economic summit of Pacific Rim leaders in California. Trudeau shared that he discussed the need for ongoing engagement and constructive dialogue with Xi, emphasizing that this engagement is crucial for both Canada and China, even if there are disagreements.

Summit Highlights
Xi’s meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden was a major highlight of the summit, demonstrating efforts to build an economic bulwark against China’s growing influence. Despite the predominantly perfunctory nature of Trudeau’s run-in with Xi, he utilized the opportunity to advocate for maintaining open lines of communication and cooperation.

Xi’s Tone
Xi adopted a conciliatory tone throughout the week, acknowledging U.S. concerns and expressing China’s readiness to partner with the U.S. for a better future. While this bodes well for U.S.-China relations, the same sentiment may not necessarily extend to Canada.

Challenges and Diplomacy
The strain in Canada-China relations was evident with the detention of Huawei’s chief financial officer and the subsequent detainment of Canadian citizens in China. Canada continues to engage with China at various levels, striving to move forward positively while upholding its principles and values.

Looking Forward
Despite various challenges such as foreign interference concerns, Canada remains committed to engagement in the global economy, recognizing China’s importance as a player in the international arena.

Leaders’ Stance on China
Both President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau maintained a firm stance on China, with Biden referring to Xi as a “dictator” and Trudeau acknowledging that China is an authoritarian state.

Beyond Political Affairs
Amid discussions of geopolitics, Trudeau also held bilateral meetings and meaningful encounters with world leaders and Canadian expatriates, highlighting the multifaceted nature of international relations.

Final Considerations
Trudeau’s meetings with various leaders and his interactions with the Canadian expatriate community effectively demonstrate the complexities of diplomatic relations. Despite differences, maintaining open dialogue is essential for fostering understanding and progress.

In conclusion, the encounter between Trudeau and Xi sheds light on the delicate dance of diplomacy between Canada and China. Navigating the complexities of the global political landscape demands a delicate balance of firmness and openness to dialogue. As we move forward, it is essential for all nations to continually seek avenues for constructive engagement, despite differing perspectives and challenges.



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