They were monsters”: Muslim first responder says Hamas attackers in Israel did it for the “hatred



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I was uh one of the first ambulances who got into the conflict Zone the past month 7th of October taking care of the injured people and uh the killed the the people who who tried to run away we just got them into the ambulance and we start

Taking them away taken to a safe place when I was driving towards theim I uh started seeing buddies thrown out everywhere in the streets I was uh uh I saw a police car with a police officer shut inside and um uh afterwards I started seeing the real bad things

That happened inim there was the first time in my life I got into a place uh and I didn’t know what to do I just stood up there shocked and I had no idea how to start and how to finish I saw family Ames they were slaughtered a

Lot of families um they were uh I saw um a father and mom with three kids they were tied hands up Hinds backs excuse me and they were put on their knees in front of each other and they got shot in the head when you see such a thing you

Just think about um what you just start imagine what what happens in there what uh how how did they react who who was got killed first the kids or the parents and the things that happened in there that there was a lot of as well around of Muslims who got killed in this

Massacre uh I took care of two Arab ladies with with hijab on and everything they we got shot by the Hamas terrorists and uh I took care and uh three bus drivers who were from East Jerusalem as well they got killed they got shot in the head and even in the cameras they

See that he was telling them that he’s from Jerusalem he’s an AR from Jerusalem and they didn’t give a care they killed him that means that they’re not doing this for the country or for religion they’re just doing this for the hatred had that has nothing to do with our religion

Because I think it’s just only they they were cannibal they were cannibals they were they were monsters it’s not they were not humans that has nothing to do with Humanity or religious or anything else I think Israel learned today how to die to together now it’s time to learn

How to live together Jews Arabs Christians Muslims we are we are all the same Israel is a is a big whole body and every one of us is one part of this body if one one of this Parts is missing the body won’t be take won’t be doing his

Job as it’s supposed to so I I think that it we have to take it to take care of this and we have to stop hatreds and start living together

WARNING: Video contains disturbing content not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Jamal Warraqi was among the first emergency rescuers to reach kibbutz Be’eri after Hamas gunmen rampaged through the community in southern Israel on Oct. 7, and the sight of slaughtered families and children is still seared into his memory.

More than a month later, the volunteer first responder remains visibly shaken as he recounts his rush to Be’eri in an ambulance and the bodies lying in the streets along the way.

“Our religion, as a proud Arabic Muslim Israeli guy, I’m saying that has nothing to do with our religion,” Warraqi said.

Warraqi said many Muslims were also killed in the assault, recalling how he took care of two Arab women wearing hijab, shot by the attackers, and three Arab bus drivers from East Jerusalem who got shot in the head.

“That means that they’re (Hamas) not doing this for the country or for religion, they’re just doing this for the hatred,” he said.

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  1. Technically he's right. But in practice the symbols, words, praises, and zealotry tell a different story. In multiple countries they bowed because of what happened on the 7th.

  2. As an example of theory versus practice, they issue fatwas for cartoons, but no fatwas are issued to the those who harm cartoonists. The authority is there, but is not exercised to reign in radicalism. They leave that to others to deal with, often in the form of unresolved conflict. Their moderates must not only take back their religion, they must interdict anti-Muslim behavior. But they do not.

  3. This happened more than 30 days ago. Terrible terrible whoever did that is a monster. What about the innocent civilians being killed RIGHT NOW. Thousands and thousand of them. You keep showing similar reports about Oct 7 and ignore the continuous crimes happening in Gaza that are still unfolding. Global want to portray one side as the victime. Shameful

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