The moment she met her kidney donor — a stranger — for the first time


I didn’t think I get to I love you strong words for a woman Lucy Latino is meeting for the first time I can’t believe and I’ve said this before there’s angels in heaven I’m lucky my walk’s on Earth she’s talking about Claire Urich who today is donating

Her kidney to save Latino’s life it’s been extremely hard I’ve gone through a lot in 3 years um but I always say I’m a warrior Latino’s kidneys started to fail 3 years ago when I first got my line in dialysis helps keep her alive here she is with

Her daughter Danielle getting her final treatment last night there is such a need for organ donors Latino’s daughter played a huge role in finding a living donor she launched a campaign called Lucy needs a kidney they searched online and at times in person I need a kidney

Too oh yeah I’m this is Latino’s husband Charlie last year at Young dund square and I tell him you do whatever you can do all of that work finally paid off I always known that I wanted to be an organ donor in 2022 Ur a who frequently

Donates blood and posts about it online got a reaction so she had simply gone and cheered my story like just given it like a clap Emoji because Blood Services had reared it and she saw it and then of course the Instagram account is called

Lucy needs a kidney so as soon as I saw the year and I took a look at their account um I just messaged her back and I said hey I’m the right blood type for your mom like why don’t I get the paperwork and start seeing if I’m a

Match the odds of Lucy finding a living donor match were long according to Trillium Gift of Life Network there are nearly 12200 ontarians waiting for an organ most in need of a kidney she’s also in the longest q- line regarding blood type it’s more tricky to find the

Exact match so the O blood type recipients cannot take any other um blood types it’s amazing that people are doing this donating organs for other people it’s really the uh the core of Being Human and trying to save other people’s life and that is the core of Claire and the Latino’s relationship

Going forward my mom getting her transplant is not the end of Lucy a kidney and my work in this organ donation advocacy space I imagine that that might be something Claire wants to do too and I think together we can really um raise some good awareness and get people to consider living donation

As for Lucy Latino once recovered I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the view and then and then I would like to go to Italy CU I’ve never been Dale manuu CBC News Toronto

A Stouffville, Ont., woman is finally getting the kidney transplant she’s been waiting three years for. Lucy Latino’s family launched an online and in-person campaign to find a donor — and Claire Yuricek answered the call. Dale Manucdoc has more on how the donation came to be.

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