Survivor castaway Kellie reflects on her shocking blindside: “an unfortunate honour”



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It is time for TMS torch talk where the latest Survivor Castaway joins us right here on the show and if you are a Survivor fan you already know what happened this week quite possibly one of the biggest blind sides of the season have a Look ninth person voted out in the second member of our jury Kelly whoa Kelly the TR is spoken I love you Cal you love you K up you heard Jake’s reaction right as Kelly the nurse from New York became the ninth CW the second member of the jury and

Kelly joins us now Kelly what a tribal council we heard Jake shocked reaction there whoa and I think everyone who watched the episode was just as surprised including you did you see a coming I mean I think you can see my reaction I definitely didn’t see it

Coming I mean like what the hell guys I had a lot more gaming me uh it was it was absolutely crazy and it’s one of those things where it’s like an unfortunate honor to be blindsided so uh you know if I was going to go out I

Wanted to go out big and I think I think I did that definitely didn’t see it coming an unfortunate honor I like it I like it uh listen this episode focused a lot on the women being in the majority and on them working together to vote out

The men but Kelly why do you think that didn’t happen yeah I mean I think when that Women’s Alliance was like coming together it was sort of like a pipe dream moment that none of us really believe was actually going to move forward forever but I really needed some

New allies in the game I could see the fracture in my group so I was willing to sort of explore whatever happened but unfortunately you know it’s hard to form a new group I think from all these different places that late in the game so I I wish that happened but you know

Emily you know she knocked on me we also saw the return of the food auction for the first time in a long time you want a margarita and a sandwich good combo yeah and someo weird combo right yeah how did that all taste um so so good I mean I got the

French fries first I have to say my first taste of ketchup was like Heavenly cuz like ketchup is so sugary I was like oh my God I forgot what this is like and by the time I got to the margarita I was living feel like I I like almost lost

Then I won the auction almost lost my vote instead Bruce did which kind of screwed me over but that’s probably the best margar I’ve ever tasted in my life I bet I bet well listen Kelly sorry to see you leave the show but a pleasure to

Have you with us here on the morning show thanks so much and thanks for having me

We catch up with the latest castaway to get booted from ‘Survivor 45’ in a shocking twist at tribal council. Kellie, a critical care nurse, opens up about the “pipe dream” of a women’s-only alliance that gave her the “unfortunate honour” of being blindsided, leaving her as surprised as the audience at home when the votes were read.

“I was like, what the hell, guys! I had a lot more game in me,” she lamented.

And, she reflects on her first glorious bites at the coveted food auction that was brought back after 15 seasons.

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