Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke’s strong response to the suspension of police board – BC called ‘Heavy-handed’

‘Heavy-handed’: Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke reacts to decision to suspend police board - BC


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“Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke’s response to the province’s suspension of the city’s police board was nothing short of a strident denouncement. Mei action struck a chord with the people – quite rightly so – as Locke’s concerns about the lack of civilian oversight should be a concern for everyone. Radio silence from some, however, as mayor Locke pointed out, after B.C.’s public safety minister Mike Farnworth’s decision. Does this move raise a red flag or is there more to the story than meets the eye? Let’s explore different perspectives to find the answers and make sense of it all.

The Suspension Decision Explained

On Thursday, the public safety minister and solicitor general of British Columbia, Mike Farnworth, announced the suspension of all members of the Surrey Police Board, appointing former Abbotsford police chief Mike Serr as the new administrator to fulfill their functions. The move came in response to the city’s lack of progress in transitioning to the police force. Furthermore, Farnworth attributed the need to address budgeting for the current and upcoming fiscal years as the driving force behind the board’s suspension.

Locke’s Viewpoint

Mayor Locke firmly stated that the city is not pivoting from its decision to keep the RCMP as the police jurisdiction, highlighting an ongoing court process regarding this matter. She questioned the heavy-handed approach of provincial authorities, alluding to the disruptive nature of some board members which, in her opinion, may have warranted the suspension. This stance prompts us to consider if the action was justified in light of the ethos of uphill battles in governance.

Business Community’s Perspective

Anita Huberman, CEO, and president of the Surrey Board of Trade expressed immense disappointment and concern about the impact of the decision on the business community. She questioned whether the transition to a new police service would truly reduce crime and expressed worry over the taxation impact facing businesses in 2024.


The unfolding situation in Surrey raises multi-faceted concerns and considerations about governance and public safety. Mike Farnworth’s announcement seems well-grounded in addressing resource allocation and city management concerns, but is it worth the tensions it brings? This development undoubtedly warrants an in-depth analysis from all factions and a collective path forward that addresses the interests of all stakeholders involved. Therefore, it’s imperative that understanding and cooperation take precedence in charting the next steps, keeping the best interests of the community at the forefront.”


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