Single-use plastics seem unlikely to return despite federal ban overturned



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Even though they are a thing of the past the federal government’s push to phase out single-use Plastics is caught in the Wind on Thursday the federal court called the policy unreasonable and unconstitutional in May 2021 Ottawa put forward a cabinet order listing Plastics on the list of toxic substances under

The Environmental Protection act this week’s ruling determined that there is no reasonable apprehension to list all Plastic Products as harmful the group that put forward the challenge said it hopes government and Industry can work together to reduce plastic waste meantime Canada’s environment Minister says the government is reviewing the

Decision and considering an appeal in a statement on social media Steven gibo wrote We strongly believe in taking action to tackle this crisis and keep millions of garbage bags worth of trash off our beaches out of our Waters and away from nature that’s what we will keep fighting for environmental lawyers

Believe there is enough to push for the appeal given the word toxic is defined in this case and it includes things that enter the environment in a quantity or concentration or under conditions that can have an immediate or long-term effect harmful effect Canadians have shifted to using reusable or compostable

Items at grocery stores and restaurants have a lovely day in the face of this decision three of the five large grocery chains in Canada tell global news they have no intention of turning back to plastic bags the federal government says Canadians recycle 3 million tons of plastic waste every year

But only 9 % of it can be recycled with the rest ending up in landfills critics are calling for more Investments when it comes to waste management we have the best engineers in the world recycling the plastic means those molecules can be used over and over again without causing

Waste and while protecting the health of our people and the safety of our environment one expert says this ruling should give the government pause to consider the entirety of a product’s carbon footprint before writing it off if the totality of the is better even though it can’t be

Recycled is that still the more sustainable outcome and so I think we need to take a step back and look at our broader sustainability objectives as opposed to fixating on can this be recycled or is it going to landfill Kyle Benning Global News

In a Thursday ruling, the Federal Court of Canada declared the government’s ban on single-use plastics to be unconstitutional, throwing the cabinet order into question.

However, despite the ruling, it seems unlikely that Canadians will revert to single-use items as they have already shifted towards using reusable or compostable products. Three out of the five large grocery chains in Canada tell Global News they have no intention of turning back to plastic bags.

The federal government says Canadians recycle three million tonnes of plastic waste every year, but only nine per cent of it can be recycled with the rest ending up in the landfill.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said in a statement that the federal government is β€œstrongly considering an appeal” of the decision.

Global’s Kyle Benning reports.

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  1. So let's get this right. Justin Trudeau's "approved" marijuana can be sold in 4.3 gram plastic containers with 3.5 grams of his "legal" weed in it, yet plastic grocery bags are banned?

    No wonder people are going hungry.

  2. Techically πŸ™‚ the reusable bags are real nice and should be free it has stores brand name on it to advertise and if your walking with it down the block or like showing it of other places to your neighbors or like moments the store you use should give you a shopping discount as well, since you become advertisement of store brand and if your really styling after you shop then should get even more discount everytime you shop at that store. What do you think?

  3. Plastic checkout bags were anything but "single use". Everyone I know reused them, and they eventually get reused one last time as garbage bags. With them banned, you'd have to buy garbage bags which are then truly single use!

    If you want to go after single-use plastics, go after all the custom-shaped packaging that I really find hard to reuse for anything else.

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