Sean (Diddy) Combs accused of rape and abuse in lawsuit filed by former girlfriend



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One of the biggest names in hip hop music is being accused of rape abuse and sex trafficking sha Diddy’s former partner has now filed a lawsuit claiming a cycle of abuse and violence for over a decade Hillary Johnstone is in Ottawa with more on this the performer’s name

Is Cassie what is she alleging Hillary she’s alleging Heather that over a number of years over the course of their relationship uh that she was physically and sexually abused by Colmes of course also known as Diddy so this was filed in a federal lawsuit yesterday she’s not asking for any specific monetary damages

Instead she says she’s Seeking Justice for the decade of her life that she feels that she lost while they were in this relationship so they first met met back in 2005 when she was 19 he was 37 some of the other allegations that she makes uh is that he forced her to take

Drugs that she developed an addiction that at one point he dangled a friend of hers over a balcony of a high-rise hotel suite and also that he had threatened to blow up the vehicle uh of kid Cy a different rapper who she began dating uh saying that this left her very very

Fearful when shortly after that allegation was made or shortly after he made that threat the rapper kid C’s vehicle actually did explode so all of that is detailed in this lawsuit saying that it left her fearful of the lengths that he might go to if she were to upset

Him or try to leave him now for his part Sean coles’s lawyer has released a statement to a number of media Outlets uh saying that Cassie or Cassandra Ventura is looking for a Payday here saying in a statement that quote for the past six months Mr Colmes has been

Subjected to miss Ventura’s persistent demand of $30 million us under the threat of writing a damaging book about the relationship which was unequivocally rejected as blatant blackmail of course Shan comes not only a successful performer but very very well-known music executive Forbes Magazine uh estimated that he was the highest paid musician

Back in 2017 making an estimated $130 million a year of course he also had his own clothing line at one point as well uh so certainly Making Waves both uh in Hollywood but also in the music industry yesterday Heather when these allegations came to light thank you Hillary thank

You Hillary Johnstone from Ottawa

Producer and musician Sean (Diddy) Combs was sued in federal court in New York City on Thursday by his former girlfriend Casandra Ventura, who alleges she was raped and subjected to years of repeated physical and other abuses by Combs.

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  1. Innocent until proven guilty.. it's sickening how the courts allow women to make allegations without any evendince whatsoever, charge and arrest the accuser only for them to have thier lives ruined in the process.. It's all about money for the government and they're happy to receive it. The system needs an overhaul. Men need to start waking up to this bs because this is becoming all too common and your son's will have to deal with this in thier lifetime.

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