Saanich Police Introduce All-Female Constable Team to Enhance Community Engagement and Safety

Saanich police deploy all-female constable team


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The Saanich Police Department made history this past weekend when it unveiled an all-female constable team. As part of the department’s commitment to the 30×30 initiative, which aims to have 30% female recruitment by the year 2030, this move marks an important milestone in the world of law enforcement. This initiative is fueled by the need to address the significant underrepresentation of women in the field of policing.

A Step Towards Diversity and Inclusivity

Under the leadership of Saanich police chief, Dean Guthrie, the department is dedicated to enhancing diversity within its organization. The 30×30 program, originating in the United States and later adopted by Saanich, focuses on recruiting a more diverse pool of highly qualified applicants, including women. Guthrie emphasized the importance of not only attracting a diverse group of new officers, but also nurturing and promoting female officers within the department. This move reflects a broader effort towards inclusivity and equal opportunities for women in law enforcement.

A Voice for Everyone

Inspector Stephanie Finateri plays a vital role in the study titled “Canadian Women in Policing: A National Exploration of Women Officers Experience”. This groundbreaking research project, conducted in partnership with Ontario Tech University and the Durham Regional Police Service, aims to examine and bridge the information gap concerning the challenges and opportunities faced by women officers in Canadian law enforcement. This study is essential in identifying the barriers that women face in policing, paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive work environment for the future.

Diverse Perspectives in Law Enforcement

Having a female presence in law enforcement is vital, particularly when considering the diverse needs of any community. Guthrie attested to the importance of different perspectives and ways of communicating in the field of law enforcement. Female officers, through programs such as the 30×30 initiative, are playing a significant role in engaging, investigating, and connecting with the community in ways that are distinct from their male counterparts. The community benefits from having officers who can understand, relate, and effectively serve a wide range of individuals.

In conclusion, the efforts of the Saanich Police Department in deploying an all-female constable team and its commitment to the 30×30 initiative are steps towards a more diverse and inclusive law enforcement environment. These initiatives open the door for important conversations and actions that can shape the future of law enforcement, ensuring that the voices and perspectives of women are valued and included. This is a promising sign of progress and change in the traditionally male-dominated field of policing.


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